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Updated 2023-01-22 11:09

When moving to Malta, traveling will undoubtedly be an essential part of your everyday life. Indeed, whether you are working in Malta or you have retired, you will want to access other parts of the island for work or leisure. There are several means of transport to choose from, namely by bus, ferry, taxi, and airplane. In fact, local authorities have set up an elaborate transport system to ease traveling among the population, including expatriates.

Traveling by bus in Malta

The Maltese bus network consists of no less than 100 lines which can take you anywhere you want on the main island of Malta and in Gozo. Most of the villages and cities have multiple bus line options to connect to other popular areas.

Keep in mind, however, that while Malta might be a small island, it can take quite a while to cross. It takes even longer by bus, given the frequency of stops. There are Malta Public Transport sales and information points in the Valletta bus terminal, in the arrival lounge at the Malta International Airport, and in the Victoria (Gozo) bus terminal.

Traveling by bus can certainly be an option depending upon the location of your home and the type of commute you can do from there if you're working.

Taxis and drivers in Malta

You may prefer to travel by taxi when you are in a hurry, at night, or if you wish to travel more freely with your family.

In the last few years, the number of taxis has increased. The white taxis are in the majority, but their services are slightly more expensive than the rides offered by ride-hailing companies. A widespread one in Malta is “eCabs”, which is cheaper than the white taxis. Also, “Bolt” and “Cool” taxis are good alternatives to white taxis.

Advance booking is possible when hiring eCabs or Bolt drivers. The price for the desired route can be easily compared in the respective ride-hailing app.

In case you do not want to download any app, you can go to the taxi counter at the airport welcomer's hall and find out more. In this case, the fare is fixed, and there are multiple transfer options from there. Visit Malta International Airport website to know the fares and transfer options.

Traveling to Malta by airplane

Like all European countries, Malta has a developed air network. The country has an international airport that is served by more than 30 airline companies. Gozo has its own heliport, although most tourists and residents will, of course, use the international airport on Malta and then travel to Gozo by ferry.

Good to know:

The airport is in Luqa, which is in the southern central part of Malta.

Getting around Malta by boat

A large vehicle ferry connects Malta and Gozo, with the brief 25-minute crossing being made throughout the day to facilitate the many passengers, including commuters. It is operated by Gozo Channel. The ferry terminals are located in Ċirkewwa (Malta) and Mġarr (Gozo).

Recently, fast ferries have been added. Thanks to them, passengers can travel between Valletta and Mġarr (Gozo) in less than 45 minutes. Two companies are operating those fast ferries: Gozo Fast Ferry and Virtu Ferries Gozo.

There is also a ferry from the Sliema Waterfront to Valletta, which carries passengers between the two very popular areas by the most direct route. Finally, there is a ferry service between the Valletta Waterfront and Birgu/Vittoriosa, which is one of the famous Three Cities.

There are cruises and boat tours you could take, as well as hiring your own boat for a day or longer. This is especially popular in the summer months among tourists. If you settle in Malta, you will inevitably have friends and family come to visit, so it's a good idea to save these types of trips to do with them.

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