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Updated 2023-01-21 19:52

Despite being a small archipelago, Malta hosts a very advanced telecommunications network. If you are relocating there, you'll have no trouble obtaining a landline, a mobile phone, and an internet connection. Malta has an optical fiber network, like many European countries. Moreover, rates are rather affordable when it comes to international phone calls. But before proceeding, make sure to choose the best offer according to your needs and budget and to inquire about related formalities.

Service providers

The primary telecommunications providers in Malta are the following:

  • Landlines: GO, Melita
  • Mobile phones: Epic, GO Mobile, Melita Mobile
  • Internet: GO, Melita, Epic

Landlines in Malta

If you wish to obtain a landline, regardless of the service provider you have chosen, you just need to visit the nearest branch with the following documents:

  • Your identification document (passport or residence card)
  • The owner's authorization if you are renting accommodation

You will complete and sign the required forms in person and make your payment there. Your landline should be set up within a few days.

Be sure to read all the terms and conditions, especially about administrative or installation fees, the minimum length of time on the contract, and any early termination fees that may apply.

You can settle your phone bill either by direct debit, by bank transfer, or even in cash at any branch.

Many landline contracts are bundled with Internet, mobile, cable, or some combination therein.

Mobile phones in Malta

You can choose between a prepaid and a contract mobile line. If you prefer a prepaid package, you can purchase your SIM card in approved shops, selecting the service provider that offers you the best coverage and pricing.

You can recharge your account anytime thanks to prepaid scratch cards or via mobile or online top-up through the service provider.

Tariffs vary, but as of June 2017, there is no roaming charge for European mobile phone use, so international texting or calls should not carry roaming charges anymore.

If you prefer otherwise, subscribe for a postpaid contract with your favorite service provider, which might be part of a service bundle offering better rates for your Internet, cable, or landline.

You can visit the nearest branch or an approved shop to complete the necessary documentation. As always, carefully read the terms and conditions to be sure you are not locked into anything that seems unfavorable.

The following documents are likely to be required:

  • your resident permit or passport
  • proof of address
  • a recent bank statement or a payment card

The different service providers offer various packages. You can find more details on their respective websites.

The Internet in Malta

Internet service providers also offer a wide range of packages at different rates. To acquire an internet connection at home, visit the nearest branch of your service provider with the following documents:

Your internet connection should be set up within a few days. Again, carefully review the documentation for terms and conditions. If you do not intend to stay in Malta or are unsure of the length of your stay, it's best to avoid a contract period with early termination fees.

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