The health system in Mauritius

The health system in Mauritius
Updated 2021-01-08 13:09

Access to quality healthcare and medical facilities is a key factor when looking to move abroad. Mauritius has a public healthcare system governed by the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, although there are many private health institutions as well, offering competent medical facilities and treatments.

Public and private healthcare

There are 5 five regional hospitals and two district hospitals (Souillac Hospital and Mahebourg Hospital) in Mauritius. There are also a few hospitals specializing in specific fields, such as the otorhinolaryngological hospital in Vacoas (ENT), the Brown Sequard psychiatric clinic in Beau-Bassin, the Subramaniam Bharati eye hospital in Moka, and the Poudre d'Or hospital with a focus on the treatment of pulmonary diseases.

The public hospitals offer free healthcare, while private clinics and practices can get quite expensive, but are easily accessible throughout the island. Most private clinics are modern and obtain their equipment through private investments. Consequently, there's been a boost in the medical tourism industry in Mauritius.

The local authorities in Mauritius are thinking about ways to relieve foreign patients from the red-tape procedures regarding medical visas. Health insurance is recommended as private healthcare can be costly. Most health conditions can be treated in Mauritius, but some require patients to travel abroad to get treated. The most common places to go for treatment include Reunion Island, India, and South Africa. It is strongly recommended that expats have the appropriate health insurance coverage for Mauritius in order to receive proper care.

Social security

The social security system in Mauritius provides pension benefits for the following people:

  • Retired citizens
  • Invalid residents (non-citizens with a residence permit)
  • Widows
  • Those on a social aid scheme

Note that the social security pension does not include healthcare benefits.

Financial assistance is provided by the Social Aid Scheme to people who are unable of earning a livelihood due to disability, sickness, accident, loss of their spouse, or sudden loss of employment for a period of more than six months. There might be an agreement between your home country and Mauritius regarding the social security framework, and it is best to find out prior to moving to Mauritius.

It is also advisable to get international travel insurance before leaving your home country.

Health insurance

British Nationals moving to Mauritius for a short period of time can choose to stay with their existing healthcare insurance in the UK due to the Bilateral Social Security Agreement between Mauritius and the UK. This option, however, may affect their healthcare benefits, so it is important to understand all the terms and conditions before moving to Mauritius. As a British Citizen, you will be required to show a Statement of the National Insurance you have paid in the UK in order to be able to make a claim.

Private health insurance in Mauritius

To benefit from optimised health coverage, foreign nationals are advised to subscribe for private international health insurance before moving to Mauritius.

Some of the leading health insurance providers are:

Consider having a look at their offers according to your needs and get a free quote on's Health Insurance for expatriates in Mauritius page.

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