Teaching English in Malta

Updated 2017-02-27 11:54

For people who have English as their first language and can legally work in Malta, an obvious activity is to teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to the 80,000 students who come to Malta every year to attend one of the 50 language schools. Indeed, plenty of people whose first language is not English teach English. Naturally many Maltese people teach English. Also there are plenty of e.g. Italians teaching English to Italian and other students. Most English teaching in Malta is done in (slow!) English, so even a unilingual Brit/Canadian like me can give teaching a try.


1) It may be a good choice for people whose qualifications and skills cannot otherwise get them a good job in Malta, and for those looking for a living income the standard EUR 10 approximately per classroom hour beats many other jobs.

2) It may also suit people like me who want to do some part-time occasional work as part of their integration into Malta life and to add variety to their daily activities.

3) If you do a good job, you may find that employers will let you somewhat customise your work hours, though availability every weekday morning would be usual.

4) English-teaching is worldwide - maybe teach also during your annual periods in Ireland, Shanghai or Sydney!


1) There's a lot of English teachers in Malta. Jobs can be tough to find outside the busy summer months unless you have a lot of experience or are an excellent, dynamic teacher.

2) Language schools are private businesses and expect you to be punctual and prepared and to do a good job. Students rate their teachers. The school's Director of Studies is likely to observe some of your teaching.

3) Maltese law requires that schools only employ as teachers those people who hold qualifications accepted by the Maltese Government. Check www.matefl.org and eltcouncil.gov.mt; most people will find that they have to attend a few weeks of evening classes and to take the TELT exam, at a total cost of a few hundred Euros and maybe a hundred hours of fairly enjoyable classes and study.

English teaching is its own offbeat world - it might suit you well!

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