Key data about Belgium

Updated 2018-08-31 12:00

Belgium is the country of comic books, French fries, and beer. It is a great place to live in. Despite their rainy climate, Belgians are known for their hospitality, good mood, and optimism.

The Flat Country is full of opportunities for foreigners and a true change of scenery. Brussels is the heart of European institutions and has a perfect mix of Flemish and Walloon influences. Bruges is known as the Northern Venice and Anvers and Gand are two cultural cities. Belgium history makes the country equally multicultural and unified. Belgium can definitely be your best trip.

Most dynamic cities:

Brussels, Liege
(According to Brookings)

Political regime:

Federal and parliamentary monarchy


Number of inhabitants:

11.3 million
(United Nations)

Part of foreigners in the entire population:

(United Nations)

Number of French-speaking:

8 million
(International Organisation of La Francophonie)

Number of members:

Life expectancy:


Happiness ranking:

18th country on 157
(United Nations)

Human Development Index:

21st country on 188
(United Nations)

Did you know?

Comic books in Belgium are considered a fully-fledged art. Hergé, Franquin, Edgar P, Jacobs, Peyo, Jean Van Hamme, Hermann and many more are all Belgian authors.

Quote from one of members

Amath: 'Belgium is very surprising: its quality of life, its people's friendliness and above all, Belgians' sense of humour.'

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