Sport and sport clubs in Belgium

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Updated 2021-12-20 12:14

The Belgian population likes sports, and the country counts renowned athletes in many different disciplines. The country also offers many infrastructures to practice sports.

National sports

Soccer (or as is known in Europe, football) is the biggest national sport in Belgium. The most famous clubs are Bruges, Standard of Liege, Union St-Gilloise, and the RSC Anderlecht. Belgium also organizes national championships each year.

Cycling is the second biggest sport in Belgium. This is the most practiced sport in the country. In the Flat Country, cyclists are prioritized over drivers and are offered considerable advantages on the road.

Tennis and athletics are also popular, with amateurs and professionals eager to participate in events. However, rugby and handball aren't so popular in Belgium.

Popular sports in Belgium

Many other sports are practised by the Belgian population. Men, women, and children enjoy practicing soccer, cycling, running, swimming, gymnastics, fitness, badminton, and basketball. More and more people are interested in trails too. Many joggers train for marathons or semi-marathons in Belgium.

More specifically, there are over 2,000 soccer clubs and 300,000 games a year. Not only that, but Belgians enjoy playing some versions indoors: mini-football and futsal. So if you're looking to pick up soccer as a sport, there's no better place to do it.

In the winter, skiing is also very popular. There are 10 ski resorts in the nation, so take advantage of this.

Sports news in Belgium

Several newspapers have a dedicated sports section. Online, the website is a great reference.

As for athletes, a website is dedicated to them: Team Belgium. It displays all the different championships and competitions worldwide. This website also has a list of all the federations in all disciplines.

Sport events

Many sports events happen throughout the year in Belgium. The website has a list of all the sporting events happening in Belgium: walking, cycling, fitness, badminton, running, etc.

Practicing sports in Belgium

Depending on which sport you choose to practice, many clubs and infrastructures will welcome you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with federations and clubs you're interested in. Some websites are listed in the useful link section.

You can choose to either subscribe to a membership or practice from time to time. If you're interested in cycling, many bike paths are implemented in Belgium, which makes it easy to cycle. If you prefer running or hiking, the website Randobel will give you the best routes to take.

If you want to swim, you must pay a fee to access a pool. Most charge around €3 per visit.

Joining Gyms

If you prefer to work out and take classes at gyms, you'll be pleased to know that there are plenty of gyms in Belgium. The most popular ones include:

  • Aspria
  • Health City
  • World Class Fitness
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