Things to do in Tokyo alone, with your family or with friends

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Updated 2022-12-21 13:51

With family, friends, as a couple, or solo, there is a lot to see and do in Tokyo. Let's have a look at the most popular leisure activities in Tokyo.

Things to do on your own in Tokyo

Are you alone in Tokyo? Head to the karaoke bar to enjoy your favorite tunes. You can also go to a movie, to the theater, or to the museum, for a cultural break. Regarding culture, let's not forget the manga kissa, the manga cafés. These libraries/cafes are very popular and offer individual boxes with computers, Internet connection, comfortable seats, and even showers! If you're looking for sports activities in Tokyo, head to a batting center. Those spots, perched on the rooftops of Tokyo, allow you to play baseball in one-and-one mode. You can also join a golf club.

Things to do as a couple in Tokyo

Tradition and relaxation: the onsen and the ryôkan

For couples, the onsen (hot spring) and the ryôkan (traditional Japanese inn) take on a very special meaning. They are known as "deeto supotto" or dating spots.

Romanticism at the Odaiba Ferris wheel

Odaiba, the futuristic artificial island, is a perfect venue for a date. You can see the whole island from the top of the Ferris wheel. Wait for the sunset for a very romantic atmosphere. The Ferris wheel ride lasts for about 15 minutes, and you will have plenty of time to enjoy a breathtaking view of Odaiba.


Karaoke is a must for couples in Tokyo. You can sing, of course, but also eat and drink. Regarding the songs and music, you can choose from a wide variety of playlists, from the latest fashionable tunes to the unavoidable slows.

Thrills and Kawaii: Disneyland and Disney Sea

Although Disneyland sounds more like childhood memories, in Tokyo, it is also a very famous deeto supotto. Couples usually head there on weekdays and on weekends, for a romantic and kawaii (cute) time. Tokyo Disneyland is modeled on the classic Disneyland. Disney Sea, on the other hand, is a unique theme park in the world, based only in Tokyo. As the name suggests, this park's theme is the sea. Disney Sea has a more "adult" feel than Disneyland.

Things to do with your family in Tokyo

It's quite easy to find activities for children and adults in Tokyo.

Amusement parks and playgrounds

Your first stop is in the Sunshine City shopping complex in Ikebukuro east for an exciting adventure in Namja Town. This amusement park is a Namco video game company-owned facility. Namja Town looks quite like a fair. There are games and attractions for people of all ages. Namja Town is also known for its sometimes surprising dishes. In Sunshine city, you can also head to the Pokemon center. In addition to the store, there is a play area always that is quite popular with children.

Odaiba Beach

After the games, you can take a walk on Odaiba beach. Families often go there to relax and dip their toes in the water. However, swimming is prohibited, but you can still have fun with beach games. In July, the beach hosts a nice lantern festival.


Shinjuku is home to an interactive toy museum. Children can not only play games but also learn about their manufacturing secrets. In Odaiba, children can play the role of a scientific apprentice at Miraikan, the Museum of Innovation and Science. At the Edo-Tokyo Museum in Sumida, they will discover the history of their host country. Besides, big studios, such as Fuji TV (in Odaiba), TV Asahi (in Roppongi Hills), and NHK (in Shibuya), open their doors for immersion in the world of television.

Things to do with friends in Tokyo

The Karaoke nights

Here again, karaoke is one of the most popular activities to do with friends in Tokyo, along with the games centers. For karaoke, some packages allow you to stay until dawn, with interesting food and drink options.

The Izakaya party

If you want to party, consider the izayaka. These bars are among the best places to hang out with friends. Since accommodation in Japan is often too small to host fun times with many noisy people, parties are often held outside in izakaya.


If you love to dance with your friends, try the different nightclubs. Tokyo's best nightclubs are Atom Tokyo, WOMB, Club Camelot, Odeon Tokyo, 1 OAK Tokyo, etc.


If you are looking to relax in harmony with nature, hiking is a great option. Head to Mount Takao, a very well-known landmark that is easily accessible even for the less sporty. You can go there by cable car, to enjoy the breathtaking view of Takao's nature. There are other nature spots, such as Todoroki Valley, in Setagaya, or Nagatoro, in Chichibu (Saitama), where you can have a great time with friends.

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