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Updated 2020-06-16 08:53

Italy is the romantic country par excellence, so you might consider getting married there, whether both you and your soulmate are expats or just one of you. Whatever be the case, it's best to inquire about the conditions and formalities relating to religious and civil marriages, keeping in mind that Italy remains a quite traditional country.

Eligibility for marriage in Italy

In Italy, adults and people who have previously obtained the document called "Nulla Osta" at the embassy of their home country are eligible for marriage. The "Nulla Osta" is the certificate of marriage capacity.

When both spouses are expats

If both spouses who are looking to get married in Italy are expats, they must, first of all, request for their "Nulla Osta" from their respective embassies. They can only get married once they have received this document.

What to do if one of the spouses is expat

If only one of the two spouses is an expat, the procedure is the same, the latter will have to inform their embassy in order to obtain a certificate of capacity to marry. In case one of the two being an Italian citizen, procedures will be simpler.

Procedure for getting married in Italy

To get married in Italy, whether the two spouses are expats or not, the first thing they should do is to contact the Italian civil registrar or a religious official. This step must be taken at least 3 months before the intended date of marriage, regardless of the type.

Regarding Nulla Osta, you will have to produce the following documents:

  • a copy of your identity card or passport,
  • proof of address,
  • copy of your birth certificate of the person concerned,
  • a completed questionnaire about your current family and professional status (it is provided by the embassy).

Following this, both spouses should call at the civil status office of the closest municipality with the following documents:

  • identity documents of both spouses
  • consulate authorisations (Nulla Osta)
  • a tax stamp

This phase is called "Promessa" (promise) in Italian and seals the couple's engagement to marry. The waiting time can take a few weeks for all the proper checks to be made. You can then formalise the place where the marriage will be celebrated and choose the person who will be officiating the union.

 Good to know :

The marriage will be conducted in Italian, but the spouses can request for the presence of an official interpreter.

Following the marriage, both spouses must register their marriage certificate at their embassy or consulate.

The cost of getting married in Italy

For a simple wedding at the town hall (excluding reception fees), count between 150 and 1,000 euros. If one of the two future spouses is an Italian citizen, they will have to pay € 150, and if both are expats, the fees amount to € 1,000. If one of the spouses is Italian and the marriage is celebrated at the closest town hall to their place of residence, then the marriage will be free of charge.

Besides, fees will vary according to the type of wedding organised and what the spouses are looking to have on their special day.

Where and when to get married in Italy

You are free to choose the place where you wish to celebrate your wedding in Italy, whether you are looking to have a civil marriage or a religious marriage. Italy is a very traditional country, and wedding celebrations are taken very seriously. Therefore, you have a wide choice between town halls, churches, chapels, etc.

If you are looking for the wedding and reception to be held at the same place, you can also request your officiant to travel there.

If you want to get married between May and September, proper planning will be required, regardless of the location, as the demand is high and Italians like to get married on sunny days. If you just want a simple civil marriage at the town hall, 2-3 months is enough. To get married at the church, make sure to inquire at least a year in advance.

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