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Published on 2016-10-11 at 00:00 by Veedushi
If you are considering moving to Malta, finding a job will be one of your main concerns. is providing you with an overview of the Maltese labor market and some tips to help you land a job.

When considering moving to another country, the ability to find a job is perhaps the most essential factor in a person's decision. It can be worrisome for expatriates to make the move, fearing that work may not be available upon arrival, so knowing what opportunities await is vital. Many European expatriates who move to Malta do so for the job opportunities there. In addition to an ever-thriving tourism industry, the gaming and financial sectors are two important fields for job seekers from outside the country.

Language requirements

The Maltese government understands the value of growth via expats seeking employment, and has passed legislation to try to make the transition as easy as possible to encourage more newcomers. There are other advantages as well, such as the fact that many jobs that don't deal directly with the public won't require a full (or sometimes even partial) command of the Maltese language. Many citizens speak both English and Maltese (among other languages), so bilingualism is common, but not necessary. Because many businesses in the financial and gaming industries were started by expatriates, it's often much easier to find a job in these fields, particularly if speaking Maltese isn't a strength.

Most promising fields in Malta

While an individual's specialized skill set may lead him or her to very specific areas, most expatriates can expect to find ample work opportunities in a few particular fields. What are some of the best industries for expats?

  • Financial – jobs in the financial sector are continuing to expand, and new employees are consistently being sought.
  • Gaming – from programmers to animators, database engineers to developers, the gaming industry has a wide array of job titles available.
  • Tourism – this covers a fairly broad area, involving many service roles.
  • IT – as more and more businesses are requiring greater IT support, this field continues to experience steady growth.

While there are of course job opportunities in every field, the ones listed above are the most abundant and easily accessible to foreigners. In the financial, gaming, tourism, and IT sectors you can expect to interact with a higher percentage of fellow expats, which can be a great comfort when starting over in a new country.

Tips on finding a job in Malta

  • When you're still in the planning stages of relocating to Malta, browse through job listings in your preferred field to get a feel for the type of work that will be available.
  • When you're roughly one month away from your move, begin searching in earnest for a new career. While not necessary, it can often add significant peace of mind to relocate with a job waiting for you upon arrival.
  • Even if you don't have a specific role lined up, it can be helpful to make connections within a few different companies you're interested in before arriving in Malta.
  • If you work in a highly specialized industry and wish to continue your work after you move, it may be beneficial to secure your role in a Malta-based company before relocating.

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