Moving with your pets to Brazil

Updated 2022-03-25 12:56

If you're planning to travel or relocate to Brazil, the Brazilian government allows you to bring your dog or cat into the country, and there's no quarantine period. However, you'll need to supply the proper documentation. Also, you'll need to make arrangements with your airline. The importation of animals other than cats and dogs must be approved in advance by Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply.


For your dog or cat to be allowed entry into Brazil, you must produce the following two documents:

  1. A certification of vaccination against rabies. Pets under three months old don't need a rabies vaccination, and neither do pets that come from a country that's considered rabies-free.
  2. An International Health Certificate for Personal Pets. Many countries have such certificates. If the country you are departing from does not, here's an example from the US Department of Agriculture, Animal, and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Once you have the Health Certificate, you should immediately go to the Brazilian Consulate serving your jurisdiction to get it validated. There will be a small fee for this. Don't lose any time getting this done, as the Health Certificate will only be valid for ten (10) days after the exam was performed by the veterinarian. So you need to plan to handle all of the necessary steps in the days immediately before your departure.


You should visit the official Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture website for current details and alerts. Note that information is provided both for entry into Brazil and for departure from Brazil. The site is currently available only in Portuguese, so enlist assistance if needed.

Travel conditions

Different airlines have different rules for how pets are handled. For example, some may accept only cats and dogs, and certain breeds may be excluded. There will also be specifications regarding the accepted type of carrier, which usually corresponds with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards. Smaller pets may travel in the cabin as hand luggage, while other pets must travel with the checked baggage. You're advised to speak with the airline directly before confirming your flight arrangements and booking yourself online. Be sure that you understand all the applicable rules to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your departure day.


Offer your pet food and water before the flight. The airline may ask you to attest that you have. And make sure that water's also available in your pet's carrier.

Returning home with your pet

If you'll be returning to your home country with your pet, you should inquire as to what documentation will be required to accomplish this. Obviously, different countries will have different regulations, so you'll need to verify what your home country will require when you wish to repatriate with your pet.

In fact, it'd be a good idea to make these inquiries before departing for Brazil, to ensure that there will be no unpleasant surprises down the road. In particular, ask what type of certification might be required and if there will be a quarantine period when you return. Also, ask if there might be restrictions on where your pet may travel while in Brazil.


Formal regulations pertain only to the importation of cats and dogs. If you have any other type of pet, you must contact the Ministry of Agriculture in advance for approval. Your nearest Brazilian Consulate may also be able to assist you.

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