Ring Road System: Kuwait

All descriptions below are direction east-to-west (right-to-left).

1st Ring: Encircles downtown Kuwait City. Runs from very near Souq Sharq to the "Sheraton Circle".

2nd Ring: Runs from Gulf Road in the east through primarily residential areas ending at Gulf Road Portside.

3rd Ring: Starts at the Gulf road near Green Island, runs through mainly residential areas, and spills out into Canada Dry Street (Shuwaikh).

4th Ring: Starts in the Salmiya residential area, continues through residential areas, continues between Shuwaikh & Al-Rai (both commercial centers) and ends at the Government maternity hospital just beyond the "United Nations Circle" in the west. Very traffic prone.

5th Ring: Runs all the way from the Gulf Road through to Jahra in the west.

6th Ring: Gulf Road becomes the 6th, which starts where it intersects 30 and runs all the way towards Jahra general direction.

Highways 30 & 40: These parallel running highways carry all the traffic between "the South" (Mahboula, Fintas, Ahmadi etc) and Kuwait City. Highway 30 - after joining with 40 - takes you all the way down to the Saudi border. This is also the route to take if you plan an overland trip to Bahrain.
















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