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This website is a source of information for
Western minded Expats in Kuwait.

It is also perfect for the incoming expat, or if you are looking for job opportunities here and need accurate local information.

Navigation - at the bottom of the your screen - includes housing & living, driving, and a general information page.

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Due to it's easy nature and consistent visitor input, it has spawned pages of interest and entertainment resulting in revisits from new and well established expats alike.

All the information on this site is moderated by a small team of expats who've spent many years living in Kuwait with their families, effectively calling it "home". Some of the information on here could be concerning to the first time visitor (e.g. traffic, integration) but rest assured that the intention is not to scare, but rather to inform. Kuwait is an easy place to live in, providing that you've been well informed, and that you're willing to live an expat life!


What you'll find on this website is a range of services from local suppliers that you're likely to use, as well as comments on daily life and pieces of handy information. Navigation is at the bottom of the page on the footer bar.

We do not have a chat section as there are literally hundreds of blogs, webclubs and "lounges" on the web relating to expat life in general. We have also found that many comments made on blogs and webclubs are extremely personal, and sometimes charged with very personal opinion based on a single (negative) occurrence. Of course there is never a single opinion about anything, that is why we have decided to have a moderated system of making information available to our site visitors. We feel our business here is to share information with you - in an entertaining way - about Kuwait specifically and leave you with a good impression of what Kuwait and local expat life is about.

Your contribution is of course invaluable to us. Whether it's rising cost of living, a shift in traffic patterns, moving to an unknown new residential area, or commenting on life in a foreign country. We will not always publish your exact words and will certainly never make your identity public. Information can be sent to info@expatserviceskuwait.com or here. Please note that we also have a public email address which is expatserviceskuwait@yahoo.com.

Here you'll find a small selection of photos of Kuwait.

This is our YouTube channel where you'll find more than 140 video clips illustrating life in Kuwait.


Collage of Kuwait scenery.

Kuwait City "Downtown" as seen from Kuwait Port beach.

A camel at rest in the Muthla Ridge area. Here are a few video clips of camels elsewhere in Kuwait 1, 2, 3.

Sunset, Fahaheel area, late winter. Videos:  3DSunset, Fahaheel.

For more videos, visit our YouTube channel.