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Hierø is a platform that allows you to request sworn or certified translations, with an integrated price comparison. Using our support means saving time in your research!

What is a sworn/certified translation ?

A sworn translation (officially called a certified translation) is a translation carried out by an expert who has taken an oath before a competent authority (such as the Cour d'Appel in France). These expert translators are the only ones authorised to carry out translations of official documents (e.g. civil status) which will be used in processes by the State or public administrations.

Why use Hierø to translate your documents for Ivory Coast ?

Some administrations require a sworn translation (depending on the country, this will be a sworn or certified translation) of your official documents (birth certificate, driving licence, etc.). Why ? Because this type of translation confirms the authenticity of the document and certifies that the translation is consistent with the original document. This type of translation also prevents the use of falsified documents.

Benefit from an exceptional price

As part of the partnership between and Hierø, we are delighted to offer you a preferential rate on all your requests worldwide ! The quote is instantaneous, the amount you see is the amount you pay !

How to get your documents translated for Ivory Coast?

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    Create your account

    You must use a valid email address to create your account and access our services.
    You will then receive an email to confirm the account and create your profile.

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    Add your document

    After entering your languages (the language of your document and the language you want to translate into), you can now add your document.
    Mention the number of pages if your document has more than one page.

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    Select your translator

    Compare prices and choose your translator. The price displayed will not change when you will pay.
    You have total freedom of choice, whether it is the price or the location.

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    Finalise your order

    You can proceed to payment on your account. Once the payment has been made, the order status changes automatically.
    You will receive the scanned version of the translation within 48 hours and the originals by post.

When is a sworn/certified translation required in Ivory Coast?

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    • Identity cards
    • Passeport
    • Birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Family record book
    • Divorce decree


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    • Diploma
    • Report card
    • Certificate
    • Recommendation letter
    • Certificates


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    • Employment contract
    • Employment certificate
    • Professional certification