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Consisting of huge plains that stretch from one side till the Caspian sea and until China on the other side, glaciers, canyons, forests and mountains, Kazakhstan was once occupied by nomadic groups. Nowadays, it is deemed to be Central Asia's most important country.

The country's business environment is very conducive to foreign investment. In fact, it provides several economic incentives to expatriates.

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Kazakhstan bloggers

My Journey to Kazakhstan

4 years ago

A little insight into my journey of Kazakhstan!

rennay nel
Travel to Central Asia-Kazakhstan and Astana

7 years ago

Travel to Central Asia-Kazakhstan and Astana. Earlier, the listing was rejected as it did not have minimum 10 posts but now, it has. So, pls consider.

Diplomatic Dog

9 years ago

Canine wisdom and wonderings from Astana, Kazakhstan: a humorous daily photo blog.

Diplomatic Dog

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