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If you are looking for a unique expat experience, French Guiana, which is the only French territory in South America, can be the ideal destination for you.

French Guiana is deemed to be a land of adventure with its charming lush nature. On moving there, you will discover an amazing blend of cultures and modernity amidst a multiethnic population, and enjoy a pleasant lifestyle to the rhythm of local festivals.


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2 months ago


Kourou, Guayana Francesa

2 months ago


Saint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock, Guayana Francesa

2 months ago


3 months ago


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French Guiana bloggers

Anita Beyond The Sea

6 months ago

Italian girl in French Guiana since 2013. Working at the CSG. Serial traveler in French Guiana and around the world. I've opened my blog in May 2022.

Anita Sericano
Marina Expat Chameleon

2 years ago

11 years, 7 places of living, French husband and 2 bi-cultural children - that's the score of the Russian expat living currently in French Guiana. This blog is about nomad lifestyle, mixed family and traveling.

La Demoiselle Paysanne
Pardon My French Guiana

9 years ago

My partner, Bo, and I moved to French Guiana in January of 2013, and quickly discovered we now live in the weirdest place on Earth. It%u2019s a French bureaucracy stuck in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. It%u2019s in South America, but it%u2019s also part of Europe, and virtually all the restaurants are Chinese. The TV keeps us updated on the traffic and weather in Paris, the prices make us think we%u2019re in Geneva, and the capital city makes any other capital in the world look like the densest, most happening place on Earth. The favorite phrase when everything goes wrong %u2013%u2013 and it goes wrong at every opportunity %u2013%u2013 is pas de soucis. No worries. Having been raised a neurotic New York Jew, this doesn%u2019t always work for me, but sometimes, given enough local chocolate and passion fruit juice, I can pretend. At other times, I may curse and get frustrated, but hopefully you can pardon my French Guiana.


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