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Changing careers overseas: This is how you do it!
Changing careers overseas: This is how you ...
Many people choose to change careers when their current job no longer suits them or when they want to find purpose in their professional life. Some decide to take the leap when moving abroad, by choice, by necessity, or by chance, just following the opportunities that arise. Expats who have switched careers talks to us about their experience.
How to redefine your career as a returning expat?
How to redefine your career as a returning ...
Sometimes, after several years spent abroad, it's time for expats to return home. Even though it tends to be overlooked, planning your return is just as important as moving abroad. But how do you plan your career when returning to your home country? What should you look out for? Here are some tips.
Job nationalization: How does it affect expats?
Job nationalization: How does it affect ...
The phenomenon of “workforce nationalization” happens when expats are systematically replaced by locals in various jobs. The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council have come into the spotlight in recent years for implementing nationwide job nationalization measures.
Canada's new focus on foreign entrepreneurs
Canada's new focus on foreign entrepreneurs
Canada wants to attract more entrepreneurs. The "startup visa" was officially launched on April 1, 2013, in response to the 2012 Economic Action Plan. With this plan, Canada committed to supporting "world-class entrepreneurship, innovation, and research." The 2023-2025 Immigration Plan relaunches the business startup visa with a target of 3,500 new immigrant entrepreneurs.
Italy announces 82,705 work permits for expat workers
Italy announces 82,705 work permits for ...
The Italian government is looking to grant 82 705 work permits to expat workers this year. According to the latest Decree on Migration Flows (Decreto Flussi), published on January 26 in the Italian Official Gazette, this measure aims to address the shortages in various sectors. So what kinds of jobs can expat workers expect in Italy, and what would be the benefits of moving there?
Denmark opens doors to foreign talent
Denmark opens doors to foreign talent
Denmark is heavily relying on immigration to counter the acute labor shortage in certain sectors. The Danish government has come up with a special scheme to attract qualified foreign talent and created a list of jobs that are under pressure. So what are the opportunities that are currently available in Denmark for prospective expats?
One million workers in 2023: A result of the Polish economic miracle?
One million workers in 2023: A result of the ...
One could call it the "Polish economic miracle". With sustained growth and low unemployment, the country presents many benefits for foreign workers. The war in Ukraine has also played a major role in the increase in the number of migrant workers. But what are the opportunities available for foreigners in Poland?
Luxembourg struggles to hire foreign talent
Luxembourg struggles to hire foreign talent
Attracting international talent is no easy thing. Faced with a severe labor shortage, Luxembourg is finding it hard to hire foreign talent. Aware of the current situation, the government recently introduced a new tax incentive for highly qualified foreigners. But will that be enough to attract foreign talent?
Teaching abroad: What are your prospects in 2023?
Teaching abroad: What are your prospects in ...
Teachers must take many things into consideration when moving abroad. Are there enough vacancies in education abroad? Should they apply to public or private schools? How can they get their degree and teaching license recognized in another country? In 2023, it's more complicated than before to get employed as a foreign teacher in Gulf countries and in China. Meanwhile, many European countries are in dire need of expat teachers.
How to have a thriving career abroad
How to have a thriving career abroad
How should you plan your career abroad? Whether you have a promise of employment or are leaving to search for your dream job, setting goals is essential to envision your project better. So what should you focus on, professionally and personally? And what should be done? Let's take a look at the issues and get some practical advice.
What does the US Tech sector crisis mean for expats?
What does the US Tech sector crisis mean for ...
Following years of euphoria and a strong hiring trend in the early days of COVID, uncertainty took over the US Tech sector. Successive waves of layoffs worldwide have left thousands of employees in shock. The situation is particularly critical in the United States, with foreigners forced by their visas to find a job quickly. But what led to such a huge surge in layoffs? What is the future of the US tech sector, and how are foreign workers impacted?
Working abroad: Perks of gaining first-time experience in farming 
Working abroad: Perks of gaining first-time ...
Agriculture is a field in need of short-term workers in various countries. Multiple farming jobs, notably fruit picking, don't require previous experience. These jobs are a great choice for young people looking to make some money while discovering the world or even older adults who want to take a sabbatical year. Canada, New Zealand and Australia are all in great need of permanent and temporary agricultural workers.
South Korea: These sectors are currently facing labor shortages
South Korea
South Korea: These sectors are currently ...
Will 2023 be the year of a new economic and even demographic boost in South Korea? This is the government's hope and belief as it outlines its plan to revive the South Korean economy. Since important sectors are suffering from acute labor shortages, it is taking new measures to welcome foreign workers. Which are the most affected sectors and are in desperate need of expat workers?
These countries are encouraging their overseas talent to return
These countries are encouraging their ...
The pandemic has accentuated labor shortages in many countries. In addition to trying to attract new immigrants, countries are also encouraging their citizens who are abroad to return home. Some of them, which have historically suffered from a brain drain, have been doing that since before the pandemic. They created favorable policies, such as tax breaks and entrepreneurship loans, to encourage returnees to use their skills and experience gained abroad in their home country.
What are the most sought-after skills for expats in 2023?
What are the most sought-after skills for ...
The MOOC-provider Coursera recently published its Job Skills of 2023 report. The report says that digital skills, especially in data science, together with soft skills in management and storytelling, are the best career skills to have in 2023. This should not be surprising in a marketplace where hybrid work has become the norm. 
Singapore's new measures to help companies hire foreign talent
Singapore's new measures to help companies ...
Thanks to its strong links with other countries, Singapore's economy is considered a barometer of economic conditions. However, there is growing concern about the 2023 outlook as the World Bank warns of a possible recession. As a result, the Singaporean government is introducing a new strategy to sustain its economic growth based partly on foreign talent. Here's how this works.
Why Malaysia needs 500,000 additional foreign workers
Why Malaysia needs 500,000 additional ...
During COVID, more than 700,000 foreign workers left Malaysia. Faced with major labor shortages in key sectors, the government has announced a vast international recruitment program. Here are some insights.
Working abroad in 2023: Here's what you should consider
Working abroad in 2023: Here's what you ...
Will 2023 be the year of digital nomads and expatriates? In any case, the craze for working abroad is not waning. Since the health crisis, more and more people are choosing to move to another country to build a career, gain new experience, discover life in another country, fulfill a dream, take up a challenge, or acquire new skills. In fact, numerous reasons and benefits make people dream of moving abroad. So, what are the countries to consider for building your career abroad? What should you consider when planning your move? Here are some practical tips.