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Why China no longer attracts international students
Why China no longer attracts international ...
What if studying abroad was a passport to achieving a new level of freedom? In China, the idea is becoming more and more widespread. In the wake of the pandemic and, most importantly, with the consequences of the zero-covid policy, Chinese students are now keener on studying abroad. But the once-popular destinations for studying abroad have changed. As China reopened its borders in early January 2023, hoping for a return to normalcy, many Chinese students are hoping for a brighter future elsewhere. 
Canada's new focus on foreign entrepreneurs
Canada's new focus on foreign entrepreneurs
Canada wants to attract more entrepreneurs. The "startup visa" was officially launched on April 1, 2013, in response to the 2012 Economic Action Plan. With this plan, Canada committed to supporting "world-class entrepreneurship, innovation, and research." The 2023-2025 Immigration Plan relaunches the business startup visa with a target of 3,500 new immigrant entrepreneurs.
Italy announces 82,705 work permits for expat workers
Italy announces 82,705 work permits for ...
The Italian government is looking to grant 82 705 work permits to expat workers this year. According to the latest Decree on Migration Flows (Decreto Flussi), published on January 26 in the Italian Official Gazette, this measure aims to address the shortages in various sectors. So what kinds of jobs can expat workers expect in Italy, and what would be the benefits of moving there?
Denmark opens doors to foreign talent
Denmark opens doors to foreign talent
Denmark is heavily relying on immigration to counter the acute labor shortage in certain sectors. The Danish government has come up with a special scheme to attract qualified foreign talent and created a list of jobs that are under pressure. So what are the opportunities that are currently available in Denmark for prospective expats?
Immigration in Finland rose even during the pandemic
Immigration in Finland rose even during the ...
A recent study by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) found that, among 15 high-income countries, Finland was the only one that didn't have a lower immigration rate in 2020 when measured against predicted immigration in the absence of Covid. Data from the OECD suggests that freedom of movement within the European Economic Area (EEA) contributed to that.
One million workers in 2023: A result of the Polish economic miracle?
One million workers in 2023: A result of the ...
One could call it the "Polish economic miracle". With sustained growth and low unemployment, the country presents many benefits for foreign workers. The war in Ukraine has also played a major role in the increase in the number of migrant workers. But what are the opportunities available for foreigners in Poland?
Luxembourg struggles to hire foreign talent
Luxembourg struggles to hire foreign talent
Attracting international talent is no easy thing. Faced with a severe labor shortage, Luxembourg is finding it hard to hire foreign talent. Aware of the current situation, the government recently introduced a new tax incentive for highly qualified foreigners. But will that be enough to attract foreign talent?
What does the US Tech sector crisis mean for expats?
What does the US Tech sector crisis mean for ...
Following years of euphoria and a strong hiring trend in the early days of COVID, uncertainty took over the US Tech sector. Successive waves of layoffs worldwide have left thousands of employees in shock. The situation is particularly critical in the United States, with foreigners forced by their visas to find a job quickly. But what led to such a huge surge in layoffs? What is the future of the US tech sector, and how are foreign workers impacted?
South Korea: These sectors are currently facing labor shortages
South Korea
South Korea: These sectors are currently ...
Will 2023 be the year of a new economic and even demographic boost in South Korea? This is the government's hope and belief as it outlines its plan to revive the South Korean economy. Since important sectors are suffering from acute labor shortages, it is taking new measures to welcome foreign workers. Which are the most affected sectors and are in desperate need of expat workers?
Why Sweden is reviewing its immigration policy
Why Sweden is reviewing its immigration ...
According to Swedish Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard, this move aims to "reduce the risk of painful tragedies for migrants". Underlying this measure is, in fact, the political pressure exerted by the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) party. The SD intends to take advantage of Sweden's presidency of the European Union to steer migration policy. 
Singapore's new measures to help companies hire foreign talent
Singapore's new measures to help companies ...
Thanks to its strong links with other countries, Singapore's economy is considered a barometer of economic conditions. However, there is growing concern about the 2023 outlook as the World Bank warns of a possible recession. As a result, the Singaporean government is introducing a new strategy to sustain its economic growth based partly on foreign talent. Here's how this works.
Why Malaysia needs 500,000 additional foreign workers
Why Malaysia needs 500,000 additional ...
During COVID, more than 700,000 foreign workers left Malaysia. Faced with major labor shortages in key sectors, the government has announced a vast international recruitment program. Here are some insights.
China reopens: What does this mean for expats and the economy?
China reopens: What does this mean for ...
After 3 years, China finally reopened its borders on January 8. Most travelers can now enter the country only with a negative PCR test. Many expats in China feel relieved and want to resume enjoying the life they loved there. However, some who were stuck outside of China in March 2020 are hesitant about returning, and doubts remain about the economic prospects of expats in the country.
Where should expats invest in property in 2023?
Where should expats invest in property in ...
What does the year 2023 hold for the global real estate market? In its most pessimistic projection, the IMF is talking about a 10% drop in property prices in advanced countries and 25% in emerging countries. It seems that price booms are over. Inflation and the risk of a global recession are rendering the global market even more tenuous. In this context of uncertainty, is investing in real estate still a safe bet for expatriates? What are the benefits of investing in real estate, and where can you buy affordable property in 2023?
Immigration to Spain: What are the prospects in 2023?
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Immigration to Spain: What are the prospects ...
As Spain prepares to launch its new Digital Nomad Visa, what should you know about moving there in 2023? The country also has a new Startup Act to encourage entrepreneurship, even from expats, and it boasts of the lowest inflation in the EU and multiple new social welfare policies at the moment. Retirees have historically been a big expat demographic in Spain, but there are now increasingly more young expats in their 20s and 30s.
Canada: How will the drop in the unemployment rate affect immigration?
Canada: How will the drop in the ...
Are you looking for a stable job? Are you dreaming of moving abroad for new career opportunities? Canada starts 2023 with unemployment figures that would make other leading economies swoon. The country is still likely to gain valuable points with prospective immigrants. Used to good rankings, Canada is one of the favorite countries among expatriates. Will this be confirmed again this year by the drop in the unemployment rate? Will the government stick to its strategy to welcome 500,000 immigrants by 2025?
US immigration: the challenges of Biden's new policy
US immigration: the challenges of Biden's ...
Joe Biden concedes that the latest decisions won't solve the problems undermining the immigration system. However, the American president is optimistic in his belief that these new measures will be of great help to the nation. How, in the context of an inflationary and global economic crisis, can labor shortages be addressed while at the same time firmly addressing the issue of illegal immigration? The American president is trying to reach out to the Republicans without alienating his supporters, which is a risky exercise, even for the most talented of balancers. What can we learn from the Biden administration's new immigration policy?
British universities struggle with international students dropping out to join the workforce
British universities struggle with ...
Recently, in order to fight labor shortages, the UK's Home Office eased the laws to obtain a Skilled Worker Visa. International students can now switch to this visa before completing their course as long as they have a suitable job offer. However, this is turning out to be a problem for British universities, who are seeing higher international dropout rates and the accompanying loss of funds from tuition fees.

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Moving to a country with immigration quotas: What should you consider?
Moving to a country with immigration quotas: ...
Moving to a new country can be a thrilling and exciting experience, but it can also be challenging, especially when the country has immigration quotas in place. Immigration quotas are designed to regulate the flow of people entering a country, but they can also make the process of obtaining a visa and residency more complicated.
Changing careers overseas: This is how you do it!
Changing careers overseas: This is how you ...
Many people choose to change careers when their current job no longer suits them or when they want to find purpose in their professional life. Some decide to take the leap when moving abroad, by choice, by necessity, or by chance, just following the opportunities that arise. Expats who have switched careers talks to us about their experience.
How do expats vote from abroad?
How do expats vote from abroad?
Living abroad does not necessarily mean that one is no longer attached to their home country; quite the contrary. For instance, the Dutch living outside the Netherlands just voted for their first electoral college. Many expatriates worldwide are more than willing to voice out their choices, and governments are themselves well aware of the weight of their overseas constituencies in various elections. But how do expatriates vote from abroad? Electronic voting remains a crucial issue.
What expats should consider when moving to earthquake-prone countries
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What expats should consider when moving to ...
The tragedy that recently struck Turkey and Syria is a stark reminder of how some locations lie within the planet's most active seismic and dangerous zones. While the odds of finding survivors are getting slimmer as the days go by, the task of reconstruction seems insurmountable at all levels. So what should you consider as an expat in an earthquake-prone country? Should you move there at all?
How and when can you be naturalized in your expat country?
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How and when can you be naturalized in your ...
After multiple years in a country, expats might wish to acquire local citizenship. They might feel that this country is now as much of their home as their birth one. They might want to buy property more easily, vote or even run in local elections, and enjoy the privileges of the local passport. How long does it take to get naturalized in popular expat destinations, and what are the conditions to be met? In most countries, it takes 5 years of continuous residence to apply for citizenship.
How to redefine your career as a returning expat?
How to redefine your career as a returning ...
Sometimes, after several years spent abroad, it's time for expats to return home. Even though it tends to be overlooked, planning your return is just as important as moving abroad. But how do you plan your career when returning to your home country? What should you look out for? Here are some tips.