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What expats should consider when moving to earthquake-prone countries
What expats should consider when moving to ...
The tragedy that recently struck Turkey and Syria is a stark reminder of how some locations lie within the planet's most active seismic and dangerous zones. While the odds of finding survivors are getting slimmer as the days go by, the task of reconstruction seems insurmountable at all levels. So what should you consider as an expat in an earthquake-prone country? Should you move there at all?
How and when can you be naturalized in your expat country?
How and when can you be naturalized in your ...
After multiple years in a country, expats might wish to acquire local citizenship. They might feel that this country is now as much of their home as their birth one. They might want to buy property more easily, vote or even run in local elections, and enjoy the privileges of the local passport. How long does it take to get naturalized in popular expat destinations, and what are the conditions to be met? In most countries, it takes 5 years of continuous residence to apply for citizenship.
Immigration in Finland rose even during the pandemic
Immigration in Finland rose even during the ...
A recent study by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) found that, among 15 high-income countries, Finland was the only one that didn't have a lower immigration rate in 2020 when measured against predicted immigration in the absence of Covid. Data from the OECD suggests that freedom of movement within the European Economic Area (EEA) contributed to that.
Why Sweden is reviewing its immigration policy
Why Sweden is reviewing its immigration ...
According to Swedish Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard, this move aims to "reduce the risk of painful tragedies for migrants". Underlying this measure is, in fact, the political pressure exerted by the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) party. The SD intends to take advantage of Sweden's presidency of the European Union to steer migration policy. 
These are the most difficult languages for expats to learn
These are the most difficult languages for ...
Any expat will tell you that one of the most important stages of settling abroad is usually the process of learning and understanding a new language. The truth is that full integration in one's host country requires that one manages to communicate verbally in the country's national language. However, some of these languages may be more challenging than others, which means that it may take some time and extra effort being to able to communicate in the language fluently. Let's find out about some of the languages that are the most difficult for expats to learn.
Will Jacinda Ardern's resignation impact immigration to New Zealand?
New Zealand
Will Jacinda Ardern's resignation impact ...
After 5 years as Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern resigned on January 19. She has since been replaced by her Labour Party colleague Chris Hipkins. While Ardern has cited burnout as the main reason for her resignation, it does come in the wake of her plummeting popularity in New Zealand. Her immigration policy, focused on making the system more selective, changed between 2017-2020 and 2020-2022.
Retiring abroad in 2023: Here's what you should consider
Retiring abroad in 2023: Here's what you ...
Behind every plan to retire abroad lies a personal motivation, whether it's to fulfill a dream, meet a personal challenge, be closer to loved ones, explore the unknown, or find a new way of living. And paradoxically, the current context seems to be conducive to achieving these late-stage dreams. As if in defiance of the economic downturn, more and more retirees are choosing to retire abroad. How can such a project be envisaged in times of global crisis? What are the benefits of retiring abroad?
China reopens: What does this mean for expats and the economy?
China reopens: What does this mean for ...
After 3 years, China finally reopened its borders on January 8. Most travelers can now enter the country only with a negative PCR test. Many expats in China feel relieved and want to resume enjoying the life they loved there. However, some who were stuck outside of China in March 2020 are hesitant about returning, and doubts remain about the economic prospects of expats in the country.
Immigration to Spain: What are the prospects in 2023?
Immigration to Spain: What are the prospects ...
As Spain prepares to launch its new Digital Nomad Visa, what should you know about moving there in 2023? The country also has a new Startup Act to encourage entrepreneurship, even from expats, and it boasts of the lowest inflation in the EU and multiple new social welfare policies at the moment. Retirees have historically been a big expat demographic in Spain, but there are now increasingly more young expats in their 20s and 30s.
US immigration: the challenges of Biden's new policy
US immigration: the challenges of Biden's ...
Joe Biden concedes that the latest decisions won't solve the problems undermining the immigration system. However, the American president is optimistic in his belief that these new measures will be of great help to the nation. How, in the context of an inflationary and global economic crisis, can labor shortages be addressed while at the same time firmly addressing the issue of illegal immigration? The American president is trying to reach out to the Republicans without alienating his supporters, which is a risky exercise, even for the most talented of balancers. What can we learn from the Biden administration's new immigration policy?
Why should you move abroad in 2023?
Why should you move abroad in 2023?
As 2023 rolls out, moving abroad plans are slowly resurfacing. With the world going through turbulent times since 2020, it looks like everything is working against travel ideas. But at the same time, other indicators suggest that the season of great overseas adventures is indeed picking up again. So, what's the point of moving abroad in 2023? Here are some thoughts and practical advice.
Drinking habits: What does it look like when you move abroad? 
Drinking habits: What does it look like when ...
Moving abroad is an exciting decision to take, and it brings a lot of change to expats life: a new city, perhaps a different language and certainly another culture to discover. However, at what point are expatriates prepared to change their drinking habits and dive into another world? It can sound silly, but expats who are used to having their cocktails by the beach and suddenly find themselves with a glass of refined wine during a heavy winter can see the changing of habits as very challenging. 
Retiring abroad: What happens when conditions change?
Retiring abroad: What happens when ...
Retiring abroad is a dream for many. In 2022, Thailand, Mauritius, Spain, Morocco, and Portugal were some of the favorite destinations for overseas retirement. But living in another country entails some practical issues for which retirees are not always well prepared. What should you do if the situation changes? How can the home country help? What if the host country changes its laws regarding foreign retirees? Can you appeal to your home country? 
Retiring in Vietnam for a better lifestyle: An expat's story
Retiring in Vietnam for a better lifestyle: ...
Bob moved to Da Nang, Vietnam, four months ago. He left America to spend his retirement days in Vietnam. He enjoys spending his free time meeting people and talking to his family back in the States. Bob shares his experience with
Work, study, retirement: Why move abroad in 2023?
Work, study, retirement: Why move abroad in ...
During the early days of the COVID pandemic, some were betting on the end of expatriation. Governments were taking steps to promote the employment of locals, as in Singapore, where companies were encouraged to favor nationals. Did that mean that foreigners were no longer welcome? Did that point to a place where local policies would dictate the future of national economies? Obviously not! Actually, moving abroad plans only changed their form. Digital nomadism, entrepreneurship, professional opportunities, and studying abroad are as many facets of post-COVID moving abroad plans. So, why should you move abroad in 2023, and how? 
What is the outlook for expats in 2023?
What is the outlook for expats in 2023?
As expats enter a new year of living abroad and others are considering a move, it's high time to think ahead. Some destinations, for instance, Canada, are predicted to be very popular in 2023 because they appeal to many expats' current priorities. Furthermore, surveys reveal that lifestyle and cost of living are likely to be expats' priorities in 2023. The average age of expats is also predicted to keep getting younger.
Is the New Year like any other day when you live abroad?
Is the New Year like any other day when you ...
Like other festivities, the New Year varies between cultures. In some countries, it is celebrated with pomp and splendor, while in others, the celebrations are toned down or focused on shopping. The Northern Hemisphere is in winter and the Southern Hemisphere is in summer on December 31, which also creates very different experiences. Many non-Western countries use another calendar than the Gregorian one and have another much more culturally significant “New Year” than December 31.
These countries offer adaptation or integration courses for expats
These countries offer adaptation or ...
In many EU/EEA countries, there exist cultural integration programs to ensure that long-term expats learn the local language and understand the country well. France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden and Estonia all offer such programs. Outside of the EU, the Canadian province of Quebec offers a similar program.