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Why China no longer attracts international students
Why China no longer attracts international ...
What if studying abroad was a passport to achieving a new level of freedom? In China, the idea is becoming more and more widespread. In the wake of the pandemic and, most importantly, with the consequences of the zero-covid policy, Chinese students are now keener on studying abroad. But the once-popular destinations for studying abroad have changed. As China reopened its borders in early January 2023, hoping for a return to normalcy, many Chinese students are hoping for a brighter future elsewhere. 
Distance learning: What are the risks for international students?
Distance learning: What are the risks for ...
Distance learning and online courses have been booming since the pandemic. They were first thought of as an emergency solution, but online courses are increasingly becoming more efficient. But while distance learning has gained momentum, China is taking a hard line: online courses will no longer be recognized; only face-to-face courses will. This is a major concern for Chinese students enrolled in universities abroad. This is an important reminder for international students who are finding it hard to choose before moving abroad to study or distance learning.
Studying abroad in 2023: Here's what you should consider
Studying abroad in 2023: Here's what you ...
The new year has brought back moving abroad plans. Many students are having their revenge on the pandemic. Borders are now wide open, and the troubles caused by COVID don't seem to be affecting plans to study abroad anymore. So, what are the best places to study in 2023? How to prepare for your trip in the current international context? Here are some tips.
Planning your move abroad as an international student: Tips from an expert
Planning your move abroad as an ...
Sayantan Biswas, originally from India, is the co-founder of Adventum Student Living, an international student mobility platform. Since the reopening of the borders of most countries, he observed a growing number of students moving abroad for their studies, which also means a growing demand for student services. In this interview, he gives out tips for international students planning their move abroad to study in 2023.
British universities struggle with international students dropping out to join the workforce
British universities struggle with ...
Recently, in order to fight labor shortages, the UK's Home Office eased the laws to obtain a Skilled Worker Visa. International students can now switch to this visa before completing their course as long as they have a suitable job offer. However, this is turning out to be a problem for British universities, who are seeing higher international dropout rates and the accompanying loss of funds from tuition fees.
Why Germany is a great place for international students
Why Germany is a great place for ...
Has Germany become the new hot spot for international students? The country is gaining in popularity among international students who wish to pursue their studies abroad. Indeed, despite the health crisis, international mobility is on the rise again. International students are even keener to move, and more and more of them are choosing Germany. What's is driving them there and what are the benefits of studying in Germany?
Which are the new hotspots for international students?
Which are the new hotspots for international ...
Two major events disrupted international student mobility during the past years – Brexit and the Covid pandemic. However, international mobility has picked up again with border reopenings worldwide, and some countries are among the new favorites among students. Which are they, and how are they beneficial for international students?
International education is steadily returning to pre-pandemic levels
International education is steadily ...
International education was one of the sectors most affected by the lockdowns and border closures of 2020 and 2021. In 2022, it is picking up again in the most popular education destinations. However, the number of international students from China has decreased. Vaccination and quarantine requirements, arrangements for hybrid classes, political stability and post-work study rights are also affecting the popularity of each destination.
What are the working hour limitations for international students?
What are the working hour limitations for ...
Going to study abroad is a dream for many. However, it comes with a hefty price tag. For international students, finding a small job in the host country is an essential condition to pursue their stay and studies. What are countries' stand regarding this? How many hours working hours are allowed for international students?        
From Spain to Japan to study the Japanese language
From Spain to Japan to study the Japanese ...
Raquel is getting ready for her studies abroad in Japan, and her first goal is to learn the language and explore Japanese culture in depth. In this interview, she tells us about her upcoming adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun.
How to choose your summer school program abroad?
How to choose your summer school program ...
Summer schools are back. Their winter counterparts, called winter schools, are also preparing to welcome back international students. What are the perks of these programs? Who are they intended for, and what types of courses are provided? 
China: International students are back but under certain conditions
China: International students are back but ...
International students are officially allowed back into China after more than 2 years of autarky. Is this a tangible sign of a return to normality? Be careful, though. For even if the official announcement was made on August 24, borders haven't reopened for everyone. 
How did expats adapt to the homeschooling-face-to-face classes transition
How did expats adapt to the ...
The Covid-19 pandemic shook the entire planet, and all spheres of economies and societies were impacted. The education sector hasn't been spared either, as children and parents both had to adapt to new teaching and learning methods.
Why is Denmark a great place to study in?
Why is Denmark a great place to study in?
Denmark's Ministry for Immigration and Integration recently announced that the number of immigrants and first-generation Danes in higher education has increased exponentially in the past decade. Notably, the enrolment of Middle Eastern and North African students rose by 16% between 2011 and 2021. What about Denmark appeals so much to international students?
Why is Australia relying on the return of international students?
Why is Australia relying on the return of ...
Staff shortages, combined with budgetary cuts, have even directly affected the smooth running of immigration procedures at the Department of Home Affairs. There is currently a backlog of over 15,000 visas, including international student visas for those who want to move to Australia to study.
Processing of UK student visa applications extended to 5 weeks
Processing of UK student visa applications ...
The latest update for international students in the United Kingdom is raising concerns. The British High Commission is extending the processing time for international student visas to 5 weeks. At the same time, the government is introducing a new global talent visa. So what does this mean for international students?
Why is the United Arab Emirates attracting expat students and families?
Why is the United Arab Emirates attracting ...
Extensive reforms to Emirates' entry and residency scheme make it easier for expats to come to Dubai and other cities to make it a long-standing base for themselves. UAE schools and universities have observed a slight increase in new student enrolments for the upcoming academic year after the new visa announcements. So, what has been attracting student expats to move to the UAE? 
Are international studies on the rise post-Covid?
Are international studies on the rise ...
The Covid-19 crisis has impacted businesses, economies, and students who were planning their studies abroad. Some countries have marked a decrease in the number of international students this year, and one of the key factors was related to the pandemic consequences, due to closing borders, inflation, cancellation of scholarships, and, currently, the war.