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Are expats a burden on healthcare systems?
Are expats a burden on healthcare systems?
The Covid pandemic has revealed flaws in health systems around the world, including organizational dysfunctions, lack of infrastructure and human resources, aging populations, skills shortage, demographic challenges, etc. Added to this already complex equation are expatriates, who also need healthcare.
Expat health insurance: where are you covered and at what price?
Expat health insurance: where are you ...
Since the early days of the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been multiplying alerts regarding the cost of health care, especially in countries where the healthcare system has weakened. Health expenditure, already on the rise before Covid-19, have increased considerably and become a burden for many countries. In such circumstances, how should expats deal with healthcare, especially those with health insurance?
How important is the quality of healthcare for expatriates?
How important is the quality of healthcare ...
Healthcare has become a recurring hot topic since the start of the pandemic, with health systems being under strain. Political scientists, economists, scientists, researchers, and of course, doctors point to the upheavals shaking health systems around the globe. The cost of healthcare is another issue, especially for expatriates and prospective expatriates. Should you choose your next destination based on the quality of its health system?
Healthcare: What British expats should consider
Healthcare: What British expats should ...
British citizens live in a country where the organ that allows universal social healthcare gives priority to people in need rather than to the prices of their treatment. This system established as a consequence of the aftermath of the WW2 has been regularized through the National Health System in England, Scotland and Wales. 
Is mental health covered by health insurance for expats?
Is mental health covered by health insurance ...
We live lives when the world around us is changing rapidly. Technology rises, we travel and move, but while the outside world seems to be spinning, our thoughts and feelings are affected. The careful daily examination of our feelings is important for enhancing our mental health. But some scenarios like Covid, moving to a new country, or just the stress of life itself make it too difficult to bear with it alone. Seeking help regarding your mental health might be one of the best decisions you'll ever make, and it might lead you on to your new life path.
Guam's air V&V program opens for tourists to get vaccinated while on vacation
Guam Visitors Bureau
Guam's air V&V program opens for tourists to ...
Guam is an island territory in the Western Pacific Ocean and is considered the largest island in the Mariana Islands archipelago. The island features tropical beaches, ancient stone pillars, and Chamorro villages. Guam is a perfect holiday destination to de-stress yourself from the monotonous lifestyle. A visit to Guam will seem like a breath of fresh air with the pristine clear waters of the ocean and magnificent white beaches.
Healthcare: What expats should look out for
Healthcare: What expats should look out for
Access to healthcare should be a priority when moving abroad, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic environment. Without proper planning, expats may face high medical bills or may not even have access to good healthcare facilities and services. Since the quality of healthcare services and applicable rules vary between countries, expats should understand the systems in their host countries and ensure they can get access to good medical care, hopefully for a competitive price. 
Survey: Estimated 51 % of American expats were vaccinated against the COVID-19
Survey: Estimated 51 % of American expats ...
The survey carried out during the month of June called on more than 3000 expats from everywhere around the world. Of the American expats who participated, 51% had already been vaccinated and 32% intended to get vaccinated in the future.
Survey: Estimated 63% of British expats vaccinated against COVID-19
Survey: Estimated 63% of British expats ...
The survey was carried out in June this year and revealed that an estimated 62.9% of British expats have indeed received the COVID-19 vaccine. Most of them had received either the Oxford-AstraZeneca or the Pfizer-BioNTech shot.
COVID-19 vaccination: These countries are catering for expats
COVID-19 vaccination: These countries are ...
In many countries, mass vaccination has already started. While many still have negative thoughts, others are left in limbo. Expats who are not eligible for vaccination in their host country might have to go back home. This is what we know up to now.
COVID-19 vaccination: how it works for expatriates
COVID-19 vaccination: how it works for ...
The COVID-19 vaccination campaign is progressing in many countries, mainly in Europe and the United States. However, there's one question that still needs to be addressed. Are expats entitled to vaccines in their host country and under what conditions?
COVID-19: Here is all you need to know about vaccination campaigns
COVID-19: Here is all you need to know about ...
With more than 90.8 million positive cases globally and 1.94 million deaths since early 2020, but especially with the new strain of the virus vaccination is an urgent issue, even though many countries are struggling to start their vaccination campaigns. Here's an update on what's happening around the world and what vaccines are on offer.
Medical cannabis around the world
Medical cannabis around the world
Last week, the United Nations Commission voted to classify cannabis as a less dangerous drug. Of the 53 member states of this committee, 27 voted for while 25 others are against. However, the legalisation of medical cannabis has been debated in many countries for several years. So how have countries been dealing with this issue until now?
Psychologist’s tips: How to deal with end of year celebrations amidst a pandemic
Psychologist’s tips: How to deal with end of ...
With current travel restrictions and many countries locked down a second time, many expats will have to spend the end of year alone, far from their loved ones. If you're one of them, you might be feeling anxious or depressed by this situation. Gabriela Encina, an expat coach and psychologist, talks to us about the impact of the second lockdown on mental health and gives out some tips to get over this.
How will the COVID-19 vaccine affect travel and immigration?
How will the COVID-19 vaccine affect travel ...
Nearly a year after the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, a new vaccine was found with 95% efficacy. Developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, this vaccine should be available around the world from January 2021. Another vaccine, having the same rate of efficacy, has been developed simultaneously in Russia. Does this mean that travel and immigration can resume once people have been vaccinated?
Life of an expat mom with an autistic child in Sweden
Life of an expat mom with an autistic child ...
Steffy comes from Naples. She left Italy in 2016 to settle in Sweden with her children. An avid blogger, Steffy is also the founder of a non-profit organisation that takes care of children with special needs. She talks to about her everyday life and challenges as an expat mom of an autistic child.
Where you should move if you're a highly skilled doctor or nurse
Where you should move if you're a highly ...
The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on the health systems of most countries around the world. The most developed countries have not been spared either. With a growing demand for healthcare, coupled with a skills shortage, several countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, as well as Canada, are gradually lifting their border restrictions for highly-qualified health professionals. So if you've got the skills they're currently looking for, and you've always dreamed of moving abroad, you should try your luck.
COVID-19: The alarming situation in the USA and Brazil viewed by expats
COVID-19: The alarming situation in the USA ...
The situation in America is more than alarming, with more than 4.3 million COVID-19 cases and nearly 150,000 deaths in the USA, followed by Brazil with more than 2.4 million cases and over 87,000 deaths. Citizens of these two countries are currently banned from entering many countries, especially in the European Union. This is a major concern for expatriates living there while governments are advising them to return at the soonest. Some expats in the USA and Brazil share their views about the crisis and talk to us about their new routine.