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Why VOIP and IPTV are great options for expats: Tips from an expert
Why VOIP and IPTV are great options for ...
Communication and information needs may be various when one moves overseas, and as an expat, you might not be fully aware of the options available to you in your host country. Gustavo Neiva de Medeiros, a streaming TV expert and media entrepreneur, is the CEO of TeleUP service. He talks to us about the benefits of getting VOIP and IPTV services for expats. Find out more
Must-have mobile apps for travel amid the pandemic
Must-have mobile apps for travel amid the ...
While most countries around the world have their own COVID-19 tracking apps, some have made theirs compulsory for travellers, locals and residents. So which are the must-have apps for anyone who's looking to travel overseas amid the pandemic?
The free mobile apps revolutionising expatriation
The free mobile apps revolutionising ...
Gone are the days where the only way expats had to keep in touch with their relatives back home were letters that could take weeks and at times, months. Technology is revolutionising expatriation. In this piece, focuses on the mobile apps that you should not miss out on.
The world's most competitive countries at a glance
The world's most competitive countries at a ...
Competitiveness is a crucial factor to take into account if you're looking for new career or business prospects abroad. The latest Global Competitiveness Report highlights the strengths and weaknesses of every country around the world. As expected, the USA, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark make it in the top ten. Have a look at the world's most competitive countries in 2018.
The world's most expensive cities in 2018
The world's most expensive cities in 2018
Analysing the cost of living is an excellent way of assessing the pros and cons of moving to your chosen destination. It's important to ensure that your salary will allow you to enjoy better living standards including shopping, getting around, and eating out after paying your rent. gives you an insight into eight of the world's most expensive cities according to a survey by EuroCost International.
Where you should move to if you're an IT professional
Where you should move to if you're an IT ...
Today, the global economy significantly relies on technology. As a fast-growing sector, IT contributes to global mobility as many countries have opened their doors to foreign professionals due to the scarcity of skills. Where are the most attractive IT opportunities and salaries found? gives you an insight into six of the world's best destinations for IT professionals.
Where in the world you will get the fastest internet speeds
Where in the world you will get the fastest ...
Whether you are moving abroad to set up your tech startup, begin your freelance career, or enjoy the freedom of the nomadic lifestyle, the internet speeds in your host country will profoundly affect your professional performance. That being said, even if your work isn't immediately dependant on the internet, you would still want to have a fast and stable connection to uninterruptibly complete your everyday online tasks. See below the top five countries with the highest average broadband speeds to know where you aren't at risk of sluggish internet connection.
How to choose a telecom provider abroad
How to choose a telecom provider abroad
Whether you are about to establish your business abroad or settle in your new home, you will have to choose a telecom service provider from the many available companies targeting the market. Our professional and personal lives are heavily dependant on online, instant communication and wireless telephones, and our home entertainment has incorporated streaming media. In a free market, with more options than ever, it can be difficult to conclude on a telecommunication service provider, especially when you are overseas, and you are not familiar with the brands and expectations. However, there are several things that you need to consider to select a provider which matches your needs.
How to get to know your host country
How to get to know your host country
To ensure a successful expatriation and a pleasant expat life, it is very important to become aware of the cultural differences between your host country and your previous location. First and foremost, understand the context of the new culture you are about to throw yourself in. What is the short history of the region? What is the country's climate? What about the economic, social, and geopolitical environment? The answers to these questions will help you wrap your mind around the people's lifestyle, local cuisine, work ethics, and family life. gives you some tips on how to collect sufficient and accurate information about your host country to interact successfully with the local population and avoid misunderstandings or even legal troubles.
16 things you'll definitely miss about America when moving abroad
16 things you'll definitely miss about ...
Anyone who has ever left home will tell you that many wonderful things happen when you step out of your comfort zone and move to a new place or in my case, a new country. However, there will always be things that you miss about home. Of course you'll miss your friends and family but I am talking about the things that make you say “WTF?” or “What year is this?” repeatedly throughout the day. From the things I miss most, I have also learned something about myself: my parents were right, I am just as lazy and impatient as they always said.
A step away from Hollywood: Film student in Los Angeles
A step away from Hollywood: Film student in ...
Lisa originally comes from Charente Maritime, France. In her quest for new horizons, she moved to New Zealand where she spent six months before moving back to France. A few months later, she decided to move to the USA for her studies and better career prospects. Passionate about cinematography, she is now living her dream in Los Angeles and shares her enthusiasm with
Brussels has it all: Love, friends and Italian food
Brussels has it all: Love, friends and ...
Charlotte comes from London. Her partner's posting brought her to Belgium in January 2016. Since then, every day is an adventure. She shares her time between work and fun wanders among the cobbled streets of Brussels where there's always a new bar or restaurant waiting to be discovered. She shares with her life in what she describes as being a very European city with a laidback lifestyle.
Reunion Island: Love at first sight
Reunion Island
Reunion Island: Love at first sight
Catharine comes from the UK. She first visited Reunion Island in 1990 during an exchange year. After her graduation, she flew back and ever since, she has found another place to call home. She shares with her love for the island's lifestyle, its natural landscapes, and the ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity.