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Twist of is an unpretentious photography blog. It is about tragic, bizarre, supernatural, brilliant, moving or simply amazing encounters and ...

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  • Montréal’s Best Murals

    Each year the walls in and around St. Laurent Boulevard get more colourful. In fact, fresh murals are created over the early summer during what ...

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  • Summer Snow

    Here in Montréal, pollen is a big thing. Those sneezy, wheezy days of spring were here recently and many people were congested. Allergy ...

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  • Ariane Moffatt at Les FrancoFolies de Montréal 2016

    It has been a month since we arrived in Montréal and this city truly is a blast! I have so many photo albums and ideas in cold storage but for ...

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  • Cévennes

    The Cévennes are a part of me. Strangely though, I used to care less and less about the picturesque high valleys of my hometown, probably ...

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