Moving with Pet Birds

Does anyone have any information about moving to Costa Rica with a Hybrid Macaw and an African Grey Parrot? I can't find if CR is going to let Birds back into the Country again and if so, When.

I can't move without them.

Please Help!!!

Hi there, I understand wanting to move with your birds. We moved here with 3 dogs. You might check with Pet Lounge Costa Rica. Those guys are experts and move loads of pets, all kinds. Their vet on staff can work miracles with paperwork. Highly recommend. Good luck.

Thank you so very very much for your reply. I am at a total loss trying to get information on this topic.
I am in California trying to move. I am sending my family down in December and have to stay here until I can move with the Birds so Thank you again!
I will try to look them to see if they have any information.
Thanks again and Stay Safe and Well!!!

Absolutely, you too. Here is a link to an article I wrote about moving pets. Should have a link to pet lounge in the piece. I interviewed the CEO. They're the only ones I know moving birds.
https://www.internationalrelocationpart … n-you-move

Hi Jill
Again, Thank You for your reply. In your article you didn't have a link. Can you please send me the link so I can contact them?
Thanks so much again
Michael Crihfield

I have emailed them hoping they can help.

Can you recommend a good moving company as well?

Thank you so very much for everything.

Michael Crihfield

Yes! Pablo Arias and International Relocation Partners. They've moved us twice now. Top notch, honest, affordable and extremely switched on. True professionals. Love him!

Thank you again for all!

Unfortunately, the pet people said that I can't import the birds, period...

In 2018, Costa Rica changed the law where you can't import birds. I honestly thought it was because of COVID 19 and didn't know that the laws had changed. I knew that once they were imported, they could never leave the Country. I was prepared for that since we own a house there. We left Costa Rica 7 years ago and was planning to totally retire there this time but now I am not willing to leave our birds. It took us 5 years to finally get our birds not only financially but also the specific species. My Macaw is a 3rd generation Hybrid and very hard to get as well as expensive.

I guess now, I will go to plan B and stay here in the US. Again, I can't thank you enough for your help.

Best Wishes

Michael Crihfield

Sorry to hear that your plans have fallen through.

This question of importing birds comes up often, and although we try to help, and we pass on the websites offering information that we have read over the years, those wanting the info on 'how to do it', most do not pass on the end result.

Oh wow. That's a bummer. I'm so sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing the information. I wish you the best.

In 2018 the law changed to where you are not allowed to have "Wild Animals" as pets including birds. I guess they interpret that to include Domestic Bred as well.

Also the office in Costa Rica that issues CITES Permits for imports will NOT issue any Permits for birds unless the birds are going to a Zoo or Wildlife Refuge.

I honestly don't understand why you can't bring a Domestic Bred bird but that is the way it is. It has been a big issue since the Avian Flu Epidemic. Back then, it took almost 2 years for the CR Government to allow the importation of pet birds with the restriction that the birds could never leave the Country. It took a lot of pressure from ARCR and others to even get that done. I don't think it is going to happen this time.

I hope this helps other people.

Thanks for the update. I hadn't  thought/realized how that new law would apply to someone bringing their 'pet' that was considered 'a wild animal.'

We used to have to chase people off of a public pathway on our property as they would try to trap many species of birds.

In fact one day, a young man we had befriended brought us a humming bird in a small bag like you would buy with 3 heads of garlic in, as a 'gift' for us since we like hummers so much.  Of course, it was released ASAP as were the many other birds that flew into our home.

The only way this is going to get fixed is a strong lobbying group to address this and change it. ARCR use to fight things like this but I don't think they are even still functional. I asked the same question on their forum but no answer.

This has stopped us from moving there even though we have a home there. I wish someone in Costa Rica would fight this. I have called and emailed the Costa Rican Embassy in Washington DC, but again absolutely no response. Breaks my heart and our dreams of raising our kids there.

Ryan Piercy, on behalf of ARCR,  was one to stand up and fight the courts on behalf of of the many expats who lived here.

Is Mr Piercy still active? I know there's a lot of other people who are in the same situation as I am.

Really need someone to help with this.

Ryan was kidnapped, tortured and held for 30 days on Jan 20 th. 2015 and after the trauma, disappeared from sight and left the country cutting ties with both family and friends.

That is really scary. I sincerely hope he and his family are OK and doing well.

I guess that is why no one can help or even want to try

Thank you so much for your reply and information. Stay Safe and Well...

Hello I read your response and going through the same thing. Did you end up figuring it out. I just won't leave if I can't take them. I'm heart broken.

Just read this thread and although I knew taking a parrot to CR was difficult (to move) but didn't realize it was impossible.  Any developments on this issue?   I have purchased in CR and intend to spend part time in Canada, part time in CR, but thought after a few years I could get the permits …

Hello, I'm dealing with this right now. My partner and I bought a home in Costa Rica in 2018 the same year they placed an embargo on importing exotic animals into the country. We are devastated. I tried everything. I emailed  all the government agencies like SINAC, MAG and MINAE. All have turned me down. My partner is leaving and I will be staying behind because of this awful law and because of this we are separating. I'm sorry you're also going through this. I pray this changes. I just don't have it in me to let my companion parrots go. It's frustrating because the internet has a lot of outdated and misinformation regarding this ban. This is causing a lot of hard ache for the families that chose parrots as pets. I'm so sorry you're going through this too. This has been an issue for a while now. I pray this changes.

So sorry to hear of of your heart ache and that of so many others!  So sad that its affected you family like this.  Have you or others sought legal advice to see if there are any legal ways to address it?  I know that's a long shot and unlikely to get very far  but wondering about leaving no stone unturned.  Are there are any bird groups pushing the issue?  My situation is a little different in that we are maintaining a house here in Canada for at least half the year and I have  a back up plan with family here, who my Solly loves, and who will look after him while we are in CR.  Our time there will not start for a couple years and I want to look at every legal avenue.  My prayers to your family - human and feathered.

Costa Rican laws, which are unlikely to change, prohibit the importation of virtually all non-native species. That applies to not only birds and other live animals but also plants, seeds, bulbs, etc. The reason is clear enough. Non-native species pose serious threats to native ones. Absent the predators that control native species,  on-native ones can thrive and crowd out native ones. These prohibitions do not apply to domestic dogs and cats.

Consider the problems posed by non-native rabbits in Australia and by non-native snakes in the Florida everglades. Google purple loosestrife in the U.S.  Aspecies of non-native carp is virtually eradicating the native fish in the Potomac River.

Too, its illegal in Costa Rica to keep any wild animal captive except for licensed zoos, rescue centers, etc.

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