Padel Court

Hello, i just moved here, i am a Padel Lover and i am looking for a court where to play. can you help me?!



@Alberto Italia

Non vivo a Hong Kong Mi dispiace. Mentre sei a Hong Kong puoi visitare un ristorante chiamato Spasso e chiedere ai ragazzi lì. Giacomo è il proprietario, vive lì da molto tempo quindi probabilmente lo sa.


Hello and hope you're well.

Sorry but this forum is in english.

If you want to give some information please use this language.

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@Alberto Italy hi Alberto. Im visiting HK for 2 weeks and love to play padel. Did you make any progress with your search for a padel game? Happy to make up a 4 if you have found others to play with you 🤞🏼 🎾

no still looking for good news, but until now just people saying nope padel courts....we should invest and open a padel center, it is quickest way :)