Life as a female expat in India


While moving to a new country and discovering new cultures is definitely an exciting adventure, everybody experiences it differently. It can be particularly different for women, in both positive and negative ways.

What are some positive aspects about being a female expat in India?

What are some challenges in India that women face, and what are the ways to overcome them?

How is a woman's role viewed in Indian's culture and society?

Is it relatively safe for a woman to live in India?

How would a woman go about expanding her social network in a safe way?

Are there any resources available for women to help with their expatriation (e.g. books, articles, support networks, etc.)?

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Hi Priscilla,

There are so many female Expats now in India that even I was shocked. I am from Melbourne , Australia and moved back to India in 2015. I have been living in Melbourne from 1995. Females are well respected in our societies. There are many social platforms where you can connect to other expats and make female friends.

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Maneesh Awasthi

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Positive: I feel safer. Fewer guns here and even with all the media it is unlikely I will be raped here. I'm considered “crazy” and travel by local bus at night. I've had more problems in the evening than at night. Lol.

Positive: men stare at my chest a lot less here. If I have a conversation with them, they're not getting distracted. Note: my clothes haven't changed much. Same T-shirts etc.

Negative: you learn to never look a man in the face on the street. Even a waiter - if you smile you're hitting on them or something.

@finolezia nothing like that all depends on place and people like I travel many countries around the globe and my mentality is advanced.

If you visit cities like mumbai pune Hyderabad Bangalore you will see totally different

@sharadkol Your mentality is very advanced. You already know what it's like to be a woman everywhere in India and in other countries too. and you also know where I've lived and been in India. Very advanced.

@fionaliza I felt you take it so personally and feel your comments offended.

I talked about general and you took it personal kindly kindly assist