Buy a used car require Permesso di soggiorno ?

Hello all ,
I need to buy a used car , my residency situation as following :
1- Applied for permit of stay Oct2020 , And the Questora appointment Dec 2021 (😃)
since that time I carry only passport and Postal recipits
Can't apply for identiry card since no permesso
2- I have permenant work contract , fiscal code , Bank account ,health card , comune residence certificate. international driving license.

in my case
Can I buy a used car ?
Do we have limitation on car hp/kw ? in case in future I will apply for Italian license ?

I think you can.  Residency is the requirement, not a PdS.

Yes you can , to buy a car there are littke to no limitations , i bought a car when i had just the ricevuta , if you have codice fiscale you can. Codice fiscale is the most important one.
Good luck !

Thanks for feedback
I had heard that First year of italian license as non european expat it should be 75hp as max power.
still search to get official rules for that !!

No , it depends when you started driving , that rule applies to the people who just got the drivers license and of course having 0 experience driving they cant drive fast cars . I dont know how much time it has to pass for you to drive a normal car but the counting starts when you first got the drivers license in your country not in italy.

I'm a student in italy. but you know every year i have to renew my residence permit(i have 1 year permit) but my residence is not here. can i buy car with residence permit card(green one)? or should i get my residency here?(im non eu)