Pieces of advice when moving to Japan

Hello everyone. My name is Alondra and I'm looking for advice when moving out to Japan. I will introduce myself first. I'm still in middle school so I'm young. I have this dream of living in Kyoto. The career I think of studying is Computer and network repair technician. I really love Japan not only because of the anime but I love their tradition, culture, the way they do things, food, and everything about them. So if anyone wants to give me some advice or we could be friends and exchange information that would be really helpful for me^^

Hello AlondrixPR,

Welcome on board !

May I ask how old are you please ?



@Bhavna I'm 16 years old miss

Hello AlondrixPR,

I advise you to start working on your Japanese first. It will be easier to communicate with the locals if you already know the language.

You can also do a thorough google search to see if there are universities in Japan that offer their courses in English. You can get in touch with them and ask about their admission requirements.

Do check the articles in the Study in Japan section as well. You may find additional information there.

Wish you all the best for your future endeavours1f609.svg


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Hi, to Young anime lover.If you want to visit some big cities in Japan, I suppose you'd better buy the Japan Rail Pass


Railway ticket is very expensive if you buy it in Japan.the round tickets for Tokyo to Kyoto, it's almost same price as 7 day's pass.Do not believe the invitation to you.That's lip service, we tell others to build good relationships.The Japanese know that, so we don't visit to their homes.

This is a kind of Japanese culture.and ....Most Japanese cannot speak or understand English.Therefore, you need help with your smartphone.So, you need to buy a wifi device at arrival airport in Japan.For Japanese people, English is not a tool for conversation.

This is a learning item for advancing to the next grade.

Those are real Japanese facts.

Have a nice trip to Japan.

@AlondrixPR hello..where are you from?When I was same age like you I have the same feeling for Japan so I worked hard to get here.

You can make that dream too if you work on it like searching information for student visa if you want to stay longer here or apply as tourist.Here is some info .


Best of luck

Some advice is misleading. Japan is a closed country.

On the surface, welcome to Japan.

But the word is not from our hearts to all foreigners. Because many foreign residents bring many problems (crime) to Japan.

Under these conditions, it is difficult to get a job in Japan except he has something expert skill.

First of all, Japanese ability and Japanese manners are necessary

We don't want to hire a foreigner who doesn't speak Japanese because if who can't understand what my boss is asking you to do, you won't be able to do the job.

In order to deal with customers, you must be able to have a dialogue with them.

The requirements of Japanese customers demand Japanese service quality.

Japanese people learn unique Japanese methods from elementary school

After class, the students clean the classroom before leave the school.

The Arabs who saw it were surprised and reportedly picked it up on TV.

The biggest problem is that when a problem occurs at work, the employer may demand compensation for damages from the employee, and in most cases, the employee will demand a guarantor.

Even Japanese people are required to have a guarantor when they get a job.

Designating a person other than Japanese as a guarantor is invalid in most cases.

This is because many people overstay, work on tourist visas that are not allowed to work, and run away to their home countries after causing various problems.

People from such countries are required to have a visa for sightseeing, and when they enter Japan, they are treated differently from people from advanced countries.

On the other hand, it is a reality that there are bad Japanese people such as foreigners working as technical trainees, unfair working conditions, unpaid wages, etc., and it is often reported in the media.

This is the actual situation in Japan, and it is not realistic to say that you can find a job immediately.

Nowadays, even Japanese people find it difficult to get a good job.

@solar31 agree with you.When I came to Japan zero Japanese and still now I'm still learning .Even the Japanese manners we have to learn and live with it!