Wife and I considering Australia for PR. Need suggestions!

We are both 34, living in Mumbai, India. She has an elder sibling settled in Melbourne for the last 7 years.

The wife has a background in Digital Marketing and her qualifications include an MBA. I am a mechanical engineer and have only an entrepreneurial background of 10 years.

We have met a couple of consultants out here who have given us starkly different suggestions. One of them suggested one of us to pursue higher education as the easiest means of getting into Australia since application for PR process will take 2-3 years. The other one preferred going the PR route.

I know there are different subclasses for the PR process in Australia but we aren't sure which one would be most suitable for us. The first consultant also advised us to prefer cities like Brisbane/Canberra instead of Sydney/Melbourne.

Would love it if someone would shed some light on this. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Explore and research on 491 visa - only issue is you can work in regional areas only.

after 3 years you can apply for a PR if you show annual taxable earning of 53k AUD

@joswindza 53K combined income, or individually?