Looking for a job

Any hiring job in Hongkong? I'm a Filipina looking for a job in HK. I cam be a nanny, housemaid, a helper. etc. I worked 4years as a nanny and tutor in UAE. I also worked recently as a call center agent here in the Philippines. Any recommendations?

I am looking for a job in hong kong,any kind of job available. I am currently in kenya but i am willing to relocate if i get a good job.. I am fluent in english though it is not my mother tongue

I Am looking for a job in hongkong. i am  a ugandan and willing to relocate if i find a job.i have a bachelors degree in social work...so can do any job in social work....being helping the elderly ,disabled....having worked at AIDS INFORMATION CENTRE UGANDA.I have bast experience in handling different cases, any help is highly welcome.thanks