Grecia Parking Regulations

Can anyone please explain the rules, if any, in Grecia Centro for parking along the street where there are obvious parking spaces?

I received two parking tickets last year in marked off spaces on the streets in Grecia along the shops and there were no signs indicating that the parking was restricted or needed special permits, etc.

Does one need a special tag or something to allow you to park? I was in a rental SUV at the time.
I would appreciate any information you can provide as we will be staying in the Grecia area again in June for 3 weeks to file our residency applications and fine tune where we will live when we move next June.

Thanks for your help


My advice is to not park on the streets  period in Grecia. ImF load = tickets and intrusion  on our lives. 2 week lock down  coming. Nicaragua looks better all the time.

The numbered parking spaces require that you pay — c300 per half hour . Sundays are excepted.

There is an app for iOS and Android phones which requires that you establish an account and pre-pay. There are also large signs that list local retail shops where you can pay for parking. In the latter case, you must decide how long you'll be parked. If you pay for parking in a shop, be sure to tell them the number of the space where you have parked.