How to make friends in the Cape Verde

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in the Cape Verde :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in the Cape Verde??

Thanks in advance for your participation

kmmt allez vu

hi my name is seedy i am coming to cape verde, sal for a working visit and i hope to know u and be your friend. i will let you know about my arrival if u want to meet me. my email is [email protected] thanks looking forward.

please i nd info abt living in cape verde, am in lagos

hello can any body tel me on how to get admision into cape verde university master degree pro

Hello uplawal,
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It is so easy to make new friends in Cape Verde! You simply approach someone you want to meet and say hello. It can be off-putting at first if you for the person you are approaching, but if you are genuine, have a smile on your face, and just want to make a casual friend, it will work itself out very easily.

To make someone comfortable, you can say, "Hi, I'm new to Cape Verde and I need a little help getting to know the place. Where is the best place to get the best _____"

That's how you get started. Then you can ask the person a little about themselves without getting to personal. For example, "So what do you do?"

One challenge is language. If you do not speak Kriolu or Portuguese it might be a bit difficult at first. However, Cape Verdeans are multi-lingual and you are sure to meet someone who can speak the main languages of the world.

Hi CVAngelo,

Thank you very much for your participation! :)

Oi Christine. No problem. Hoping to see more interaction on Cape Verde. Checkout my YouTube channel about Cape Verde:

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Hi my name is udy ,i need inform.. on how to come to cape Verde.please i want to meet an English speaking person,I'm coming from Abuja.thanks for your cooperation.

hello i want to meet a good friend here can someone help me pl.

I'll let u know when I visit :) can hang out hehe

thanks CV Angelo its a nice information!

My father want to visit Cape Verde,but I don't have friend in the Cape Verde!

Hi Sam Yan,

May be an introduction and some more details about your interest might help enlarging your friend network. Thank you! :)



Hello am Alhaji am looking for a nice friends

Good day everyone

Good day everyone
[email protected] Peaceful Osinachi

Hello Udoka

Good morning everyone.. I'm Simeon S Kai..

I live in Liberia.

I really want come in Cape verd but I know nobody there and I want make friends before coming.

Someone who will be able to some me the way in and out..

Hi all,

I may possibly start working in Cape Verde, on one of the quite isolated places on the island (of which I forgot the name).

The idea is to prepare for the opening of (one of the) the fanciest places to stay when visiting the island as a tourist.

Opening may, however, be only in about 1 to 2 years... I was simply wondering if -in case I would accept the job offer- there are some (or an estimate of how many) other expats living on the island, and/or if meeting local people is considered "normal" and without any prejudices from their side?

If anybody reading this has already been through this initial stage of moving & working there as a foreigner, I would be extremely grateful for all experiences, tips & tricks, possible setbacks, useful advice etc.

In fact, if anybody feels like sharing something with me, please do so!

Thanks a lot,

Sarah (from Belgium, moving to C.V. in a few months)