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Good afternoon everyone,I want to relocate to ivory coast, basically in Abijian,I want to know yearly house rent of 2 or 3 bed rooms flat in there,I will be glade if I will be attend to,thanks
Check out the housing section at the top of this page.
@Possible Innocent

We pay 650.000 CFA per month for a 2 bedroom apartment.  Accommodation in a good location is expensive.

@[email protected]650 CFA or 650,000 CFA? Just to be sure about it being a . and not a , following the next three 000.

What area is that by the way? Thanks

I need a place at Assinie or Assounde to rent monthly,  self contained room,  living space and kitchen..  Urgently needed

@Mubarak Montia  what is your budget ?

@Possible Innocent , dear esteem member, i saw your message, can you explain better where exactly did you want in abidjan, i was situated in youpogon where cost of basic food stuff are ok ,let me know exactly what you want the price depend on tbe area you will like to reside

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Hi good morning please i need a studio of 100,000 CFA or 130,000 CFA per month in macory,or zone 4 or bietry please 🥺

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@Cheryl Hi Cheryl. I am thinking of renting an apartment in Grand Bassam. Is it true there are no addresses for the apartments it street signs and numbers on the apartments?

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@marcellusfries 650,000 CFA