Permesso di Soggiorno, Not showing. Page reloaded.

Hi, i applied for my permesso di soggiorno per lavoro six months ago. My finger prints were in october 2020. Now i was waiting and checking the status of my permit.
Now i am checking and i can not see status of the permit.
Infact, page reloads everytime i put my insured number.
I am actually worried.
I checked on portale immigrasione and it says that no fault documents. But on polizia di stato it is not showing any sign, just the page reloads everytime.
I will be very grateful to you if somebody can guide me.
Thank you.

Like i have said to like 50 people on this forum , dont worry . Due to the pandemic and the mass regulation of illegal immigrants they are really busy , i know people that have the appointment to retrieve the permesso 2 years from now. Its not your fault or theirs , they just have like 500'000 new requests this year plus the renewals so it will take time . By law your "ricevuta postale " has the same rights as the permesso(work , travel etc) , so just use that untill you get the sms for the immigration office.

@Ahmer Syab im having the same case like u. When i put my number page reloads every time.

Can u plz share after how much time i got soggiorno

@Endritcaka can u plz tell when police verification is done,after how much time we get soggiorno.

My finger prints were done in October and police verification in November. When i check it online,it shows under process and now nothing is shown. Im worried.

Also can u tell what is the difference between when it shows documents under discussion and document under question

@Ahmer Syab How can I apply from Pakistan

Hello Akbar Akbar,

Please note that your post is off-topic here.

Kindly start a new thread on the Italy forum to ask about the process of applying for the Permesso di Soggiorno from Pakistan.

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Cheryl team

same thing is happening with me too  help me out please 🙏🏻

hi. for this issue, you can go directly to the nearest questura and ask them about your permesso di soggiorno. for every immigration office, there will be public relationship operators you can meet one of them and tell them your issue they can instantly solve your issue and give your permesso within days.

thank you hope this was helpful.

Sir I have trying to check my permesso di soggiorno online, but I am see anything over there's,  is not showing anything over 4 months now

@Oni Osariyekemwen i also have same problem

@krandeep99 hi krandeep , can you please help me. I want to come Italy on seasonal work permit....... Do you have any contact who can fill the papers?? Bro it will be a great help from you. I am from Punjab