Are You Looking for a Job Opportunity in Israel?

nice to meet you all :)
I work with an international foreign exchange company located in Herzliya.

We are looking for *Sales people* for our french speaking costumers.

If you or one of your friends might be interested,send me your resume to:
[email protected]

Thank you!
Have a great day

hello I made all asian and contt and chanies food in hotel, I am restoring a beautiful duet with singer I am looking a chef job in other country                                                                       PLEASE CONTACT ME.


I'm looking Jewish Hotel And Restaurant Employer to work and fulfill my interest to convert Judaism.I'm all around in Kitchen Department,willing to train and sign a contract.

I speak Tagalog,English and Basic Hebrew


Hi 4x4u,

Welcome to!

Can you please give us more details about the company?

Thank you,
Christine team


I am from AP, India & would like to establish friendly contact with u as i am interested to work & live in Israel. If u like the idea u may please reply urgently.


hi... ru needing french speakers?

I am a Nigeria national, but residing in The Gambia, I would like to work with a company/Restaurant looking for my services.If u like the idea u may please reply urgently

Good day.

I am moving to Israel in one month and looking for any sort of work for the beginning.
Can anyone recommend anything?

Many thanks


i like the activity related with foreign currency.I speak good french and english but im based in Lisbon.
Im 49 yrs oldmake sense to move for this job.
In case of open vacancy, could tell me the conditions.
I have good knowledge of financial.
Please find my personal e-mail [email protected]
In case of a good chance ill send you my CV.

Kind Regards,


I am an Indian and I work in Qatar, I am interested to work & live in Israel. If u like the idea u may please reply me.

[email protected]

Hi are you in israel?

My name is Anna,I have good experience in Hotel industry and tourism.Seeking for better apportunity in Isreal.
Can anyone recommend anything?


Hello annaghrzoyan,

As the initial post is from 2013, better  you drop an advert in the Hotel, catering, bar, restaurant and tourism jobs in Israel section and see if you get any proposals.

Best of luck,

Thank u Bhavna  :)

It seems to be as an American, that I would have a much better chance of getting a job if I learn to speak Hebrew.  I hate having to wait until that happens, but that's reality.  My desire is to live in Jerusalem.  I have ESOL teaching credentials in the USA, and I'm a licensed massage therapist.

Good morning.
I would like to know wether the opportunity is still available.
I am Italian, I currently speak English, French and also other languages.
Feel free to update me directly at my e-mail **
Best Regards
Francesca Fabbris

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Hiiiii i am living in Israel since last 5year past ....i looking for work sewing machine ....i can make d/t clothes .....

Hello, am Ugandan and speak English looking for any kind of job in Isreal I currently still stay in Uganda and am afresh graduate

@4x4u .

Sorry we are English speaking
Need a job for English speaking

@mujunirobs2 yes

I need an housekeeping, nanny or farm jobs, iam not in Israel yet, but if there is any sponsored jobs available, iam ready to relocate.

For those of you who are seeking jobs, please go to the Jobs in Israel section to view vacancies and apply.

Best of luck

Djameel Team