Moving to Madagascar

Hello everybody

I am Walid from lebanon and I will come to Madagascar as I get a new opportunity to work there. So I need some help about the cost of living and if it safe to live there? For example how much should I will spend on  food and other things, is it expensive for living ( I will be alone just me ).

Thank you in advance.

Hi Walid

Welcome to Madagascar and congratulation for the job.

I'm Harison.

Do not worry about the cost of life . It's the one of cheapest in earth.

Remember that minimum salary is 50 € in Madagascar .

But Cost of life is roughly about 100 € - 120 € if you live like an average  Malagasy people.

But if you live like an "Expat" , then expect to pay about 400 € for living Without the rent . And house rent in big cities is about 300 to 400 €.

Madagascar is less dangerous than South Africa for example .

But the main issue is the "small" robbery  ,like pickpocket or sometimes a steal of your belonging when you are in public transport .

We do not have any terrorism issue as well and we deeply respect all religions .  Killing is rare . Just do not show any "wealth" sign such as big watch or jewels.

I would say you will be safer in big cities .

Poverty is very tuff in madagascar so be ready to get culturally shocked ( you will see homeless  children, elderly , women and starving people)

Again , welcome to Madagascar.

For living costs try


Thank you for your message , I appreciate the information you gave.

Have a nice day.


Thank you too much.


I am Eugenie and I also want to live in Madagaskar.I want to buy a hotel but I am looking for business partners.Who can help me?

Regards of Eugenie

Hello Eugenie,

Welcome to!

Could you kindly create an advert on Madagascar classifieds>  Testimonies, lost items, missing people>  Business partners?

Yoginee team



Thank you for this .

The calculation is valid if you live like an expat in a big cities.

I know some foreigner person who now lives like a Malagasy so their cost of life with the rent is far much lower than the datas.