Moving to Hong Kong

HI everyone,  my  name is Olajide and am from Cape verde but planning go relocate to Hong Kong,  is there any possibility that I would find  a job when I get there or I should get an employee before leaving my home country or I will find a job when I arrive in the country?? I can work in any sector   any kind of job I find... Please any advice is welcome and will be appreciated.  Thank you

Hi Olajide,

I highly recommend getting a secure job position first. Don't make the mistake to land here in Hong Kong and ending up being unemployed for the long term. The rents are expensive. You may not survive for very long.

My best bet is to plan and apply for jobs that you have an interest in.

Hello everyone,

@Chekki, thank you for your input. 1f60a.svg

@Sledgewrf, is there a reason why you chose Hong Kong?

Based on the comment above, I suggest you read the Living in Hong Kong guide for expats to have an idea of how life is over there and what will be requested to make it happen.

You can also create your CV in Jobs in the Hong Kong section. 1f609.svg

Best of luck,

Cheryl team

   Thank you so much for the advise

  Thank you so much, I will do just that....