Jews in Sathmar, Szatmarnemeti, Satu-Mare, in Hungary, now in Romania

Hi, I did a family history research and cemetery research in Satu Mare.
I have complete resource about the two jewish cemeteries from Satu Mare.
Dated, names, years, photos. If somebody wants my assist, or my database, please, write!

Susan (Zsuzsánna)

Thanks for your answer
Are you based Isreal ?
If so , please send me your CV and contact details

Kind regards


Hi, Karen!

Why do you want my personal datas?

What can I help you (make assist( for your research processes?



my family is origin from Sathmar, we are looking to find the grave of a great grandmaster she is believed to be berried at the Orthodox Jewish cemetery.

there is a website with names of the Jewish cementers there but I wasn't successful to located them, I would be more then happy if you can help me with this


Dear Leiby!

Please, send me the known datas (name, birth and/or death years) to my Mail address!


Susan (Zsuzsánna)

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