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My name is Alfred Robinson, I am a Nigerian Citizen, currently  living in Praia, Cape Verde.
I want to tell you little about my Island.

Two years ago, I relocateddey to Cape Verde from my Beautifullife country, Lagos City Nigeria.
The truth from my own point of view.

"Cape Verde is a developing Nation, located out sketch of West  Africa, still undergoing allot on infrastructures, housing, companies and many more.
Business here are nice, the best is having your own, which is very easy to establish.

Cape Verde is a Portuguese speaking nation, English is very hard spoken here except from the tongue of a foreigner of other Nations or their own University student and graduates.

Kriolu is the local language spoken in the street and market places, if you do not speak that local language, you cannot get any job in cape verde, except you have your own establishment.

In Praia Santiago Island and also the Capital City of Cape Verde, house rents are cheap compare to Santa Maria in Sal, Mindelo of St Vincent and Rio in Boa Vista.
Feeding here in Cape Verde is okay from my own point of view, with 150 Escudos which is equivalant to 1.50 (1euro fifty cent) one can have a good meal at the local eating centers. Super market are also very cheap, with 2000 Escudos, one can buy allot thing in the that can last for a period of time.
Internet, cloths and shoes also cheap even as they are imported.
Police enforcement in Cape Verde are very friendly, deportation rate in CV is almost zero when you are already in the city.
Escudos is Cape Verde's national currency, same as Portugal.
A self contain flat house rents in the Rural Areas are from 10-12000 Escudos, in Urban Areas the rents starts from 15-25000 escudos that is for a portable apartment in the City.
For me i live in Praia, a complete house, with a 2-3 rooms, toilet, bathrooms, kitchen and the sitting room is from 10-30,000 Escudo including light, internet, water. Some landlord or House owners may prefer that you pay for light and water on your own so he has to decrease the amount then you pay to the electricity company direct, because the electricity company is also the body in-charge of water and electricity.

Don't be deceived by what you read on the internet about Cape Verde, many countries are not what they potray on the Internet.
Many countries are not the way they appear on the Internet photos, Wikipedia or Google Search, you need to hear from someone living there.
Cape Verde is a developing country, there is no Natural resources, all the Petroleum,  foods, drinks, cloths, Cars and everything in usage in this country are imported from over seas, "Portugal, Brasil and America which are there neighboring countries. Cape Verde is 7hours away from Boston MA USA, Brazil, Spain and Portugal.
the only good thing here is that by luck someone from other African nations may easily travel to Europe or North and South American, it is very close to those countries but yet is never easy.
If youi are anot such person that lovesi the sky scrappers, or those things you always see in a western world, Cape Verde is not that!
Cape Verde is the Most peaceful Country on the Planet.... with nou religious crisis, CV is a Catholic majority nation, just recently having other foreign denominations.
CV is an island, they have no natural inheritance, except ocean, it is surrounded by water,t and beautifuli beaches from the Atlantic Ocean.
The professional jobs in CVthe are fornot the graduates only, is a very hard country for uneducated people, except for those that are selling drugs, is illegal, if you are caught you are on your way jail.
I cannot really tell about jobs for uneducated people, except security jobs.

The most beautiful aspect of Cape Verde is that its well organized, it is an European standard way of living, the government are not corrupt, and what they have is okay for them, there women are also encouraging.
Note" If you come with a huge capital for Investiment then you will survive and enjoyi Cape VerseVerde the more, and you will be very happy to live here, there are opportunities for investors, for individuals coming to work in CV, jobs might be little hard, and if you don't speak Portuguese, Spanish or french it will be more difficult for you.
If you can learn very fast, its better.
Small and local scale business are moving very fast.

I made a fratal mistakes at the beginning of my journey and I wouldn't want you to do the same. Authough, my life is beautiful right now, its all about patience.
Be careful on decision, and get enough information before you relocate here.
Visiting might be nice idea so that you can come and see things for your self.


My Regards,
Alfred Robinson

Mr Alfred, I want to appreciate you for this write up bent on giving a guide to whoever is thinkin of coming to cape verde to have a rethink. My interest to visiting Cape verde for a holiday was thwarted, I have not forgotten the ugly experience and I have also want to tell people about it especially Naijas! On 5th of May I took a flight to Praia all the way from Lagos but I was not allowed into the country bcos I was not havin a BTA of €1000 even though I had a fully paid hotel reservation in one of the big Hotel in Boa vista, they said they rather prefer to see me produce cash than produce fully paid hotel reservation and return tickets, that night, I was made to fly back to Dakar and I had to reschedule my flights back to Lagos, so I lost all my paid booking for the hotel and for the flight meant to take me from Praia to Boa vista, I wrote a petition but was never investigated, in all I lost close to $2000 (from naija on flight to boa vista-#280,000 and hotel cost including meal),i had to re route my holiday to Ghana for a weekend which cost me another $600 wereas if I had been accepted to do the holiday in cape verde as planned, there wouldn't have been any reason doin another holiday in ghana, so the losses makes me hate cape verde and wouldn't want any Naija to think of goin there for any reason, Seychelles is a good Island for Holiday begging for Nigeria holiday makers, but distance or transit wahala can't make me think of if for a holiday, heading to Dubai for my next year holiday, enough of west Africa things!

I will ever be grateful to the host of this blog cos it allows for orientation and exposure, get to know the dos and donts, the good and ugly side, of be helped with info as regards your country of visitation.

how could i get hotel booking reservation?

If yu read my write up very well, yu would know that hotel reservation is not a paramont issue to coming to cape verde for the first time. Forget about it and book yur flights but make sure yu have a BTA of €1000 and above otherwise ur entry would be refused by the capo verde policia.

Sorry to hear of your terrible experience in coming to Cape Verde. Cape Verde does not treat visitors from Africa well. It is very disappointing to hear that you lost so much money.

I am confused about something: What is a "BTA"? I do not understand this abbreviation. And why did they want you to have one?


Travellin to cape verde is not adviceable for western african. BTA means basic travel allowances which you must have and its in a minimum of €2000, so be guided my people, Gambia has remained a very welcoming place for tourism and holiday makers. I was there in the period of on 11th of Jan to 23rd 2013 and it was so great bein accomodated in Serimoha residence in pipeline, quite a beautiful place to stay with small money, hope to be there again. Will also be grateful to the lovely and hospitable people of senegal who took me in durin cape verde refusal of my entry and the people of accra Ghana in more than 4 times of my holiday trips there especially the management of Osda house in laterbiokorshhie in Accra.

I am sorry for your bad experience my Friend,
The truth is this. Even with your BTA meaning Basic Travel Allowance, The CV Immigration will still deport you as long as you are from Africa. The only way to come in to CV if you are from Africa, is 'You most pay some money to the Immigration Officer, that is about 200euros (You most have make this payment before arrival, or most have discussed with the person you are coming to meet in CV. 'That means, you most know someone here in CV before you can come in, as long as you are from Africa, Expect you are a Government Official. Other wise, the Immigration will send you back to Senegal. I think this is for Africans Only).
I am telling you this from experience, I am not talking bad about CV, I was a Victim as well.

When I came here First, I was deported back to Dakar-Senegal all because I didn't pay the fee, Then I had at hand my BTA Basic Travel Allowance of Three Thousand Euros. 3000 EUROS I was asked about my BTA I brought it out and show them, I was asked what I came to do in CV I told them is Holiday, I was asked where to sleep, I said in Hotel, I was asked to provide the Hotel Reservation, I did, Yet the Officer said that They will not stamp me in, I asked what what the reason, but they said nothing. We are about three, One is from Senegal, the other guy was from Mali and me a Nigerian, we were locked up in a cell room, they fed us through the night, and the next morning they sent us back with our return tickets to Senegal.
When I got to Senegal the next day, some people that has encountered the same problem approached and told me the secret of my deportation. After that, because I had already made up my mind to relocate to CV, Then I had to pay that money 200EUROS with the connection of someone living in CV, then they made the payment to the officer on Duty that night, as I arrived the Officer recognized me from the description that I gave the guy that made the payment for me, when I approached him, he called my name, I answered, he told me to stand in the other second line, I did, he collected my Passport and stamped me in. That was how I entered here the Second Time....
Cape Verdean Immigration see CV as an European Union Country where by anyone, anyhow cannot Migrate here without proper Information. That is a confirm Corruption from the Officers on Duty, and I know that, someone from Other African Nation most have corrupted those Immigration Officers, because they were not like that before.
So, it is a pity that, the Country is getting corrupt gradually, I am sorry for your Experience.
God bless you.

Mr Alfred! I really appreciate ur nice & carin personality! My reason for the failed trip to cape verde was for a holiday visit and nothing more, every year I travel once or twice for holiday during my two weeks leave and my top most destinations are in west africa, I tried CV and my experience was horrible but I have visited senegal, Accra in Ghana and just recently- Banjul in Gambia, upon the peaceful, receptive and calm personality of the people of Gambia will make me long to go there again for any other years Holiday despite the high cost of its ticket from Lagos. They have good tourist places to visit and everyone is welcome and free to walk on the streets, no prejudicial treatment and durin winter Gambia play host to thousands of Europeans comin via Thomas cook to the country. If I have my way, I will try visiting seychelles too and Dubai. The good thing about seychelles from wat I read is that, make ur hotel reservations, have ur BTA of about $1500 or mor and you are welcome for a holiday as a nigerian, I have not been there but its Embassy in the UK has helped me with these information. Its better to have a nice holiday in pretty good & hospitable african countries than in europe or some proud empty hostile africa Island. Wish the best of stay there.

Osharode Oke.
[email protected]

You are correct. Citizens of European countries and America do not need a BTA to enter the country. In fact the term "BTA" is UNHEARD OF in American and European travel agencies. Those countries do not even need a visa before leaving their countries. They don't even need a return airline ticket. But once you pay the visitor visa of €50 they will let you enter the country from USA, Europe, Brazil. But not from Africa.

There are different requirements for visitors from Africa, based on agreements that have been signed between all the countries of Africa and West Africa.

But the reason they discriminate against Africans is that there are a lot of Africans who are now living illegally in Cape Verde. The Africans do not do anything bad. They do not commit crimes. They work hard work. Many are merchants. Many are well educated. They help the economy. But too many are here illegally.

So the Cape Verde immigration is more harsh in enforcing the travel requirements for Africans.

Well, I wish them well in their discriminatory policy towards africans. If all Africans would think the way I think about Cape verde, they will never get friendsip wit Africans, do you know despite the treatment they gave me, I was the one that helped one of CV citizen that came in to Dakar not knowin how to call her guest? I used my phone to help the lady cos we were together on the flight I was deported wit, am sure I paid her fares too, I still have her number. So God willing with the aid of this forum we would be able to assist fellow Africans who are thinking of visitin CV to make a Uturn or face the pains. Jah bless brother. One Love.

You guys are great, I love the contributions so far, This platform has made it possible for us to share this experiences.
I believe is advisable to make proper Informations before leaving one Country to another, I was a victim and I have learn allot after my own experience.
That is why we need to research and get all Informations even is one week research before heading off.
Immigrants in CV works very hard to make their living, and getting a Resident Permit here is not hard, all you need is to apply for it.
But I think it might just be races acts, for CV immigration Department to deport its fellow West African State Member, The ECOWAS which is Economic Community Of West African States, has the Treaty of its Members to visit the fellow West African States/Countries without Visa and has 90days to stay before deciding on Residency Status, but now they are not following the Status of that Treaty. Is not really fair. If they can allow American and European to come here without BTA and Visa, not even checking the cash they have at hand, just a Visa on Arrival for a common 50Euro, then the act is very Bad.
If they cannot allow there own ECOWAS Members even when they have their cash at hand, what more can you call that act?, for me it is pure rac**t act.
Why should someone from West African State pay some amount of money to Immigration to enter it fellow West African State. It is not just fair, I may never try to fight it, it is not actually my business, they should run their Country the way they like, I am glad I am living Legally with my second Year Residency Status.
I can only be a help, or and advisory to those that may newly want to be here.

God bless you all.

Gud idea, i am in libya ow can i com dere

How can you come here? It is easy. You get on a plane. If you are from Nigeria - an ECOWAS country - you do not need a visa to come to Cape Verde for a temporary visit (up to 90 days). But before you do so, you should be sure to read the discussion above regarding what may be required if you are not just visiting temporarily.

If the immigration police believe you are simply coming here to try to stay permanently (which is illegal) they will not allow you to enter the country. Or you may be required to demonstrate that you have sufficient cash in hand to pay for a hotel and meals for up to 90 days.

First and foremost, you should know why you are coming here.
You don't play pranks with CV's Immigration, if not you will be deported back to Libya.
Immigration here are very serious with Africans because they comes and never wanna go back.
Make sure u r prepared, make your plans and thats all. Read all the previous message on the wall, then you can ask further questions.

Hi, from the D.R.Congo, where should I get a visa to Cape Verde, especially that we do not have their embassy here in Kinshasa. I read your post, seems like Cape Verdean Immigration is harsh with people from other african nation, it is not very tempting. But still I have many Schengen visas to my passport, will they still be harsh on me? And what else should I prepare to have everything in oerder. One more thing, I am not at all intereted in relocating there, just visiting as tourist. Thanx

Hello friend, I really dont have any ideal on how u could secure cv visa as an indegene of congo but u could search the net for the nearest country to you that has cape verde embassy and try not to ignore the lessons mentioned above. If only they speak english, i would have love you to speak with one of the immigration police 00238955875, he speaks a little. Why not consider seychelles?

hi my good friend.
Hope you doing great.
Cape Verde is a point of entry Visa Country.
You obtain your Visa at the point of Entry.
If you are a west african citizen you need no visa because
its visa free. If you are from other region then u will obtain
a visa at the point of entry with 50euros.
the immigration is always strict with first time travellers.
if u v other european stamps in ya Passport, then it might be an advantage.

Hi Mr. Alfred...
It's nice to meet you on the web, am from Nigeria I speak both English and french. am a graduate my own case is that am not only willing to stay in Cape Verde, but to also get an admission into any of the universities in the country's capital.
Please how do i do this?
I also found out that Nigerians need no visa to enter Cape Verde if on tourism for 90 days. so my question here is that is it also applicable to Students?
Once again Thank you very much for your post.
Please be kind if you could'nt mind reply me Via my E-mail address as follows
[email protected]

Welcome to, alfred to whom u addressed ur message will respond soon, u quoted that u re a graduate what then are u planning to study in an island that does not welcome his own fello africans? If u had read thru all our post from the first  message by alfred u would see reasons for a rethink, are there no school any more in Nigeria or Ghana? How would u study in a country were english and french is not spoken?

Hello my good friend, you are welcome onbord.
One thing i never do in my life is to discourage people or ones ambition.
Let me give you a little brief or synopsis about CV.
CV is a portuguese Speaking nation, other languages are spoken as well but not in the national level. But i am sure that French is more welcomed than English because many speaks french as well.
English is just developing little by little but Portuguese and French are more likely recognized. But Portuguese is the majority language also the National Language along side Kriolu which is the local language.
If you are a graduage and has English and French as a language spoken, then you will have an advantage not only to study here but as well teach in the University or the Secondary school, Its a big pay job here. But when you arrive with that aspect, then you need to enrol in Portuguese class so that it may be more easier for you in General communication. I was schooling when  i first arrived here. Right now i am advancing to migrate to the USA to continue my studies. I think you going to have that same opportunity when you cone here.
My brother, keep the faith alive. Pray to God about it and He will show you the way. My effort is to assist your heart decision. Meaning your arrival here.
Have a nice weekend.

Ok Mr Elakess
Thanks for your complement so they hadrly speak french and English?
Then is there any good job some one can be able to do there?
And by the way please are you also staying there?

Thanks Mr Alfred...

I really appreciate you message thanks once again.
So with what qualifications can they be able to take a person as a teacher in the secondary or university? 

My friend, if you really wish to live in CV. You must come here first as a tourist, make all the informarion you need either as a student or as a person wishing to teach.
You need to come here first and make all these informations. You can't stay in your country and ask questions about a place you are wishing to relocate.
I came here first as a tourist, i researched so well about CV then i went back to Nigeria and came the second time because i love what i saw at first visit.
I am not in any possition to tell you about the job section or education sector because i am not into that anymore.
English are only spoken by the graduate, young brilliant scholars, cape verdean travellers and also the english foreigners living in CV. French is one of the language after Portuguese in CV but not a recognized national language. They speak french more than English.
And of course i am a Cape Verdean Resident. I can't be telling you much things about CV if i am not living here. I am living in Praia Santiago Island CV. Previously in St Vicent and Sal but now in Praia. My wife is from Praia, she is Cape Verdean-American.
Come here with your own faith, not what you here from people or the Internet.
Cape Verde is good for me, it might not be good for your tasten So you must be here to decide the way forward.
My Regards....

Hello Alfred.

My name is Stephanie and based on my single mum's desire to retire in CV after 15 long, cold hard years in the UK, my brothers will need to have their undergraduate education there in her care.
We have considered UniCV, JP & ISCEE (prefered as I read they have english classes on business oriented courses). For the one interested in catering, we are looking at the school of hospitality & Tourism in Praia.
I plan to travel in march and but the B&B RESIDENTIAL NAZARENE on post office street advised that I pay in person, at least following what you have on your blog I can understand now why they say so. Besides its the cheapest I could find at 29euros a night. (Help with cheaper option?)
My contribution to this move is to see that I get the school admission sorted by June and I have come to know that I have to be there to workout what need to be done.

About the challenges with entry, I will like you to reach me on [email protected]

Thanks  :)

Thank you very much Mr Alfred..

Am glad to have read your mail, Then I guess what exactly said is what am gonna do first come as a tourist, is it safe by road? and from where is the bus taken? Please am still persuading you for phone number..
Thanks and Best regards...

My friend. I guess i have written you a reply Inbox.
I wrote you my phone number Inbox. Read ya inbox meaaage here is a wall.
But i am sending it for the second time. Do not be in a hurry to come to CV there is allot to be done before your arrival. CV is a modernized African Country. You cant cone here any how. You  need to do some sacrifice to enter in Cape Verde as a first time traveller if not the Immigrtion will send you back from where you are coming from.
I guess you have not been reading all this article on this wall..
Please read careful and do not be in a hurry...
As a first time trveller from West Africa ECOWAS... you must pay the Immigration a sum ammountof money in the name of Clearance. If you are not cleared by the person you are coming to meet in Cape Verde then you will be deported back. NOTE... Do not say i do not warn you in advance... Before the payment was 300euros Now its 500euros per one person.
I am here not to tell you this but just to give you advice about CV but I am telling you now because you can see other people on this wall that complain about deportation. Cape Verde Immigration is ver strict to African first time travellers, they know that you are not going back when you arrive. This is why they are strict on Africans. Do not blame their actions. Allot of people come as a tourist here they never wanna go back because of the beautiful life here.
Be wise and do not waist your flight ticket and still get deported.
Right now any African man/woma coming to Cape Verde must know someone living in Cape Verde if not you will not be allowed in. Cape Verde is a Tourist attraction Country so they are very strict on African Coming here and do never wanna go back.
Reply this one more time and i will give you direction on how to come. I cant force you to pay any money but may be when you get sent back then you will understand what i am talking about.
please i do not understand Nigerian Pigeon english. I have told you before.
My phone number is +2389284495
Have a beautiful week.

Hello Miss Stephanie. I am Alfred Chizoba Robinson fron Praia, Santiago Island Cape Verde.
Complements. I hope you and your lovely kid are doing great.
Well, its my pleasure you wrote me on this issue. Retirement in Cape Verde is going to be awesome for people like you, because CV is a cool headed country, I mean, the cool wonderful environments, nice welcoming people, beautiful beaches interesting locations, resorts, none political crisis, no religious conflicts, oh my God, this country is something else. God really lives here.My only advice is that you need to come ealier than May to secure admission or else you might loose it. I lost admission into UniCV last year because i was late and if i could remember, it was may/june 2012.So you need to adjust your plans ealier like March nor April or better off continue with your plans.About Entry requirement. I will advice you to check if there is a CV Embassy or Consulate in UK i think there shoould be one, so that you can get your Visa at hand, but if there is none, you can aswell just take your flight and arrive here there are always visa at the point of Entree it cost 50euros.But it depends on your Nationality. If you are a West African Citizen coming to CV for the first time, you need to Pay some amount of money to the CV immigration to ensure that you are allowed Entree, if not might stand the chance of Entree refusal. But if you are a government official of course there is no fee to be paid. This is not like a curruption but im sure that the government is not aware of it, but many tourist nor first time travellers come to CV and refuse to go back so this is the way they treat every one from africa now. But this rule is only for fellow Africans. The Americans, Europeans and Asians are not subject to pay nothing except the Visa fee which is 50euros at the point of Entree then also you should have your Visa/Master Card at hand. You need no Hotel Reservation paper. Cape Verde is a very peaceful place to be. I came here and i never wanna go back to Nigeria not because they are rich, but because of the peaceful aspect.There are cheaper Hotel i guess, but the least i know is 50euro per night. Discount is available depending on how long you are staying. Again there apartments also.So you have to tell me your nationality. I mean the passport you are using so to know how free your entree should be. Your surname, Akudo -(meaning*-peaceful wealth*) sounds like you are my sister from The Eastern Part of Nigeria. Anambra state pricesely. lol may be, im just guessing. I grew up there before relocated to Lagos. So discus further with me, then we will take it on.Nice meeting you. God bless you.
My regards.
Alfred Robinson.
Sent from Samsung Galazy Mobile.

Hello Ismaeel,

Here are the facts. If you are a Nigerian citizen, then under the ECOWAS agreements, you do not need a visa to enter Cape Verde as long as you can show that you will not be staying for more than 90 days and that you can demonstrate that you have the resources to pay for such a visit (such as hotel reservations and sufficient funds to pay for your meals, etc.) There may be some corrupt police officers who will demand payment to allow you to enter the country illegally, but that is not the norm. If you are caught afterwards, you will be sent back to Nigeria.

If your are coming to Cape Verde as a student, you cannot simply enter on a 90-day visitors visa. You will need to demonstrate that you are a student, and you will need to apply for a visa that will allow you to stay for more than 90 days. You will have to show a letter of acceptance at one of the local universities if you enter the country as a student.

While qualifying students are welcome at any of the universities, you should know that all classes are taught in Portuguese (except the English classes). If you cannot speak Portuguese, it is highly unlikely that you will be successful at a Portuguese speaking educational facility. You should consider your ability to learning Portuguese before attending a University here.

You should also do your research on the local universities. Here are their websites:

Universidade de Cabo Verde

Universidade Jean Piaget de Cabo Verde

Instituto Superior de Ciencias, Economicas e Empresariais

Hope this helps.

You are right on your comments.
But these officers at the point of Entree has made this a regurlar fee. I am surprised that the government of CV is not aware of these.
How can a member of ECOWAS come to it fellow African State Member and get deported because he/she is a first time traveller even when you disclose your BTA meaning Basic Travel Allowance, even when you show them your hotel reservations they still do not believe that you are coming for a tour. It is very painful.
I hope the Expat-blog members in CV can look into this scenerio and see how to speak to the CV Immigration Boss about this shamefull act.
Allot of people have been deported and it is still on going.
Thanks for your Opinion.

Hello Stephanie,

Living in Cape Verde(as a retiree) and visiting as a tourist can sometimes produce different experiences, as would be true of any country. Be sure that your mother does her homework in terms of what she is looking for from a retirement location. Feel free to check out my blog called "The Great Cape Verde Adventure" which is also listed on here on the

As far as visa requirements coming here to Cape Verde, it was not clear if you are now a British citizen, whether your mother is a British citizen, or whether you are still living in Lagos and never emigrated to the UK. Either way, you should used this website, VisaHQ, to determine the via requirements. You have to input your country of residence and your country of citizenship. You can use this for yourself and your mother. But as a retiree, other requirements may apply to your mother - for example, with a certain amount of pension income from the UK, she would not have a problem obtaining a permanent visa. Contact the Cape Verde consulate nearest you for more information.

You indicated that one or more children might be interested in furthering their education here in Cape Verde. Be sure to do your research on the local universities and the Hotel School. Their websites are listed below. But be aware that all of the classes are conducted in Portuguese, the official language, including at ISCEE. Students who cannot speak Portuguese will be at quite a disadvantage. So be sure they take lessons in Portuguese.

Universidade de Cabo Verde

Universidade Jean Piaget de Cabo Verde

Instituto Superior de Ciencias, Economicas e Empresariais

The School of Hospitality and Tourism

The Hotel school offers a 9 month program. The first six months are the on-site education and practical training in the chosen area. The final 3 months are for an internship usually at one of the large hotels in Sal or Boa Vista.

You should not have a problem were you to arrive in March as the applications for entering the universities are usually until the end of July.

As you pointed out yourself, it is almost impossible to conduct business and deal with matters in Cape Verde entirely online. You are best off being here in person to deal with these matters. But before you arrive, be sure that you are aware of all the documents that you will be required to produce - everything here is conducted on paper and electronic items are typically not acceptable. If you forget to bring a required document, you may also risk losing a lot of time in trying to have it sent to you in Cape Verde. Just be sure to do your homework thoroughly.

Finally, you asked about the cost of hotels and boarding houses. The Nazarene on the Plateau is probably one of the cheapest decent hotels at €29 per night (which includes breakfast). There is another boarding house right next to it at the same price. It is called the Rosymar Inn. I prefer Rosymar because the owner Rosilene is always there and personally attends to her guests. You cannot get prices cheaper than this except if you chose to rent a room for a couple weeks. But you would not have any security or any services, and the location might not be in an area where you would feel comfortable or safe.

You can always search the Cape Verde yellow pages online to find some phone numbers and contact information. Search on "hotel" or "alojamento" to find hotels including websites and phone numbers. Again, you may find that unless you can converse in Kriolu or Potuguese, it might be hard to get infornation over the phone. The websites are quite reliable. Don't forget to confine your search to Santiago (the island on which Praia is located).

Only the most expensive hotels will take payments of Visa or Mastercard for payment either over the phone, online or onsite. All of the rest require that you pay in cash onsite. But you can still make and hold your reservations without immediate payment at most of the establishments.

Best of luck with your plans, Stephanie.

U certainly will be provided the details, otherwise read all messages that have been posted, u will be satisfied.

Hi, Hope all well at your end.

I am an Indian. I am planning to shift Cape Verde next month. Can you guide me about availability of Vegetarian food. And do Indians live at Cape Verde? If yes, in which city???

Are females safe on roads during day time if they are alone? And at night as well......

Looking forward for your reply...

Take care,

Hi Bharat,

There already are a few people here in Cape Verde from India. They mostly live and work in Praia on the main island, Santiago. I know several vegetarians and have eaten vegetarian meals here with these friends. I will introduce you to them (send me a private message after you arrive in Cape Verde). There is an excellent supply of tasty, naturally grown vegetables here in Cape Verde.

However, you should walk with a supply of curry and other Indian spices. I am originally from the West Indies myself and I find that they do not cook any good curry dishes or other Indian dishes here like we do back in the West Indies. The curry sold in the grocery store is of poor quality. So if you like curry and other Indian spices you will need to bring some yourself. Of course, the local cuisine is also very good, so you will not only want to eat Indian food. And bring some scotch-bonnet peppers if you want excellent hot sauce. The peppers here are not as hot or as tasty as in India/West Indies.

Females are safe on the public roads during the day time even if they are alone. But some of the men may call out to you and tell you how pretty you are. They are only aggressive in the clubs and bars if you are alone. But that is normal with young men everywhere. However, you should never walk around alone at night in any city anywhere in the world for that matter. You would be inviting unwanted attention if you walk around alone at night (male or female) as that is when trouble makers look to make trouble.

Finally, before you get here, you may also want to read my blog, The Great Cape Verde Adventure, which is listed in this Expat-Blog directory for Cape Verde. I provide a lot of information about what it is like to live and work in Cape Verde. For more about investment opportunities, read the blog, Invest in Cape Verde.



bharat kalra wrote:

Hi, Hope all well at your end.

I am an Indian. I am planning to shift Cape Verde next month. Can you guide me about availability of Vegetarian food. And do Indians live at Cape Verde? If yes, in which city???

Are females safe on roads during day time if they are alone? And at night as well......

Looking forward for your reply...

Take care,

You are welcome Bharat,
Guess my Boss CVangelo has said it all, you are always welcome to Cape Verde.
He is more experienced and knows more about this nation CV, so stick to him, he will show you the way.

Looking forward to have you here soon,
My regards.

Alfred Robinson.

Dear Angelo,

Thanks a lot for providing information on CV. will approach you once landed at Cape Verde. are right. roaming alone at night is risky everywhere.

but sometimes happens if we are coming late from work and driving vehicle on roads at night to reach it could be safe in city...???

Take Care..


Hi Bharat,

It is safe for women to drive alone at night. Just do not pick up strange people along the way.


Dear Angelo,

Do Cape Verde have well equipped hospitals? if yes, then in which city/island.......


The hospitals are public hospitals and NOT well equipped. There are no large private hospitals. If you need medical attention, you should visit a private clinic for basic health and medical services. I would not recommend the public hospitals for treatment. For the care of urgent or life-threatening medical conditions, you can fly to Dakar, Senegal (2 hour trip), Fortaleza, Brazil (2.5 hour trip), or Europe (4-5 hour trip) since such conditions cannot be treated effectively in Cape Verde.

By the way, you don't really need to ask about which of the islands have certain services or facilities. Santiago is where half the population of Cape Verde lives. It is also the seat of government and the commercial center. So, unless you are a tourist spending a week of vacation, Santiago is the island where foreigners should live and work (and of course, you should live in the capital, Praia) because this is where you will find everything you need. If you live outside of Praia or in one of the other islands, you will like find that you will have to travel long distances to get the products and services you expect as an expatriate.

You can always visit some of the other islands from your base in Praia, Santiago.


Dear Angelo,

Is SAL, Cape Verde is a good city to live?